How Much Does it Cost to Paint Your Car or Truck?

How Much Does it Cost to Paint Your Car or Truck?

Are you interested in a low-cost option to drastically change the look of your car? Maybe you want to turn that ugly brown station wagon into a snazzy purple or lime green freak mobile? Alternatively, you might have a valid reason to have your car painted such as rust or damage. How much does it cost to paint your car?


A qualified service will start with a thorough washing of the car to remove dirt, dust, and any foreign bodies that would interfere with the paint. After that, the vehicle will be sanded down in order to properly prep the surface. Finally, the windows will be properly covered and the primers will be applied so the paint has a really nice surface and will last a long time. Now it’s time for the spray guns. These magic devices really do the job, and the pain will be applied evenly and cleanly. The very last step involves a layer of protection similar to a varnish on a painting. Some of the lower quality services will skip these steps, so that will factor in to your cost.


Painting a car involves various equipment and materials. The main cost is the paint itself, along with the primer and the protective coating. This usually cost paint car truckcomes in at around $300 for the cheap stuff up to $3000 for the high-end products. I would estimate most reliable jobs would come in at about $900-$1200.  The type of will also affect the cost. For example, acrylic or enamel paint will cost  around $30-$40 per gallon, while urethane-based and water-based paints will be $80-$120 per gallon.

Cost of Labor

Usually, you can find a garage that will charge around $400 or less to paint your car. Often times this will not include proper preparation, and the paintwork can be choppy and shoddy. Quality labor from the mid range garage will cost between $1200 and $2800. The size of the vehicle and the need for any body work will affect the price as well. Check your local newspaper for discounts and promotions, and search Google for car painting along with your zip code to check for any deals at garages near you.


The cheapest way to pay your car, as with most things, is to do it yourself. It will take skill, time, and equipment if you don’t already have it. Spray guns costs between $250-$700. Standing equipment will cost from $40-$150. Maybe you can start a new car painting business for friends and relatives and make your money back and then some.

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  1. Best thing for paint your car is that paint it from professional because they can only it in better way. But there is also a choice in cost that high cost painting and low cost painting. The main difference between high and low cost is only the procedure to do paint on a vehicle. There are some strategies which mainly followed by high cost professionals.
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