How Much Do Ellen Tickets Cost?

How Much Do Ellen Tickets Cost?

We all remember Ellen Degeneres as a successful comedian in the 1980s when her career launched after appearing on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. She spent some time doing film and television, but found her calling as a very successful and beloved talk show host.

Ellen is known for getting very high profile guests for a daytime talk show including Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Her show is also known for finding undiscovered talent and giving them mainstream media attention. It makes sense that people are clamoring to be in this studio audience to view a live taping of Ellen.

How Much Are Ellen Tickets

Tickets for live events have become very expensive these days. If you want to see the Eagles or Elton John, be prepared to spend at least $200. Tickets for the Ellen show, however, are free! That is correct, you will pay zero dollars to be in the audience of the Ellen show and perhaps see Jay-Z and Beyonc茅. You do have to be patient and lucky. Here is the information to get four free tickets to the Ellen show:

  • Visit聽
  • You will see the online ticket calendar. Check for ticket availability based on the day.
  • If there are available tickets for a day, click on it depending and fill out the form.
  • Wait to be contacted by the show if you are lucky enough to be chosen.

Good luck! Don’t forget that you will be able to take photos of Ellen and her celebrity guests, and you may get some pretty cool prizes for being an audience. The show takes in Los Angeles, so if you don’t live in that area, you will have the cost of travel, food and lodging. Try to work being at the Ellen show into a fun California vacation. Maybe you can go to Seaworld in San Diego as well.


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  1. haha, yup i always think this is free. And some show the guest are very lucky cause they get a lot of gift from the show. I’m not in American but alway whatch the show on Internet.

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