How Much Does a Lifetime Membership Cost? [2022 Prices]

How Much Does a Lifetime Membership Cost? [2022 Prices]

Exercise is important, it’s hard to argue that fact. Your brain rewards you with endorphins, restful sleep, and your appearance might change for the better. Perhaps it is time to join a gym? You don’t have to commit to becoming Arnold Schwarzenegger, just doing moderate exercise for about an hour twice a week will work wonders. Lifetime Fitness is one of the largest full-service gym’s throughout the US and Canada. Along with the most technically advanced fitness machines, they also offer pools and spas, Spinning and Zumba classes, yoga, child care, basketball/racquetball, and personal lockers and showers. So how much does a Lifetime Fitness membership cost? The rates tend to vary based on location and time of year, so we will break down the average prices to help you decide if you are ready to take the plunge. We recommend getting a free Lifetime Fitness guest pass, which will allow you to try out all the facilities before you reach for your wallet. You can claim the free guest pass on their website.

Lifetime Membership Cost Prices

Lifetime Fitness Prices

For individuals, a monthly single club membership will cost around $60, while a membership at all locations will cost about $80. If you pay for the whole year in full, it will cost around $900 and offer a little bit of savings. Most people will choose the single club, but if you travel a lot, you might want to consider the multi-gym membership.

The price of a dual membership is around $120 per month, and you can add children 12 and under for around $20. If you pay for a full year for two people, it will cost around $1500. Keep in mind there is an initiation fee for a membership which is about $70.

How to Save Some Cash

First off, let’s address the dirty little secret of the gym business. Studies show that 60% of people who have gym memberships never actually go more than one time per year. This is why the business has a high sales oriented approach, because they can sell unlimited memberships and never worry about being overcapacity. For this reason, they are able to offer memberships at a lower price than advertised. If you want to try this approach, go in and speak with somebody, and then be willing to walk away (similar to purchasing a used car.) At the very least, you should be able to the initiation fee waived. Also, most health insurance plans offer some kind of cash back incentive based on how many times per month that you go. For example, you might get $15 per month for going nine times, or $25 for going 12. Make sure you look into your specific insurance. Enjoy your new life! Treat yourself to a brazilian blowout or manicure/pedicure, you’ve earned it.


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