How Much Does Addiction Treatment Cost?

Unfortunately, the city of Tampa is no stranger to the problems in association with drug and alcohol addiction. Because it’s such a growing issue, there are over ten different rehabilitation centers located throughout the city to help people combat it and restart their lives. A Tampa treatment center could be a community hospital or a healthcare center. What’s most important is finding a program specializing in treating the issues you’re facing cost-effectively.

For those who are seriously taking addiction treatment under consideration, the most common question to come up first is, “what is the cost?” Under most circumstances, costs are the reason why individuals delay receiving treatment. It’s a challenge to pinpoint the exact cost for receiving treatment because a myriad of variables is involved included the length of stay, as well as what type the individual is receiving.

You’re also going to encounter varying costs from one treatment center to another even though they’re offering the same services. Some fluctuations are dependent on their location, while others are because they have extra services in comparison to others that provide basic treatments.

What to Consider When Factoring Costs:

There are some primary factors to take into consideration when considering the cost of rehabilitation and they include:

  • The type of treatment you’re going to need.
  • How long the treatment program is going to be.
  • What types of amenities the facility offers.
  • Where the facility is located.

Examine the Types of Program Offerings

There are two types of program offerings, and they include either outpatient or residential. If you’re going to be participating in a residential program, otherwise known as an inpatient program, you’re going to encounter higher costs. The main reason for this is because you’re eating, sleeping, and living in the treatment center. Because you’re there twenty-four hours daily, you’re required to have staff caring for you throughout your treatment. You’ll also have access to medical staff while in residential programs.

Addiction Treatment Cost

Those who choose an outpatient program will work throughout their treatment during business hours. Your treatment program may call for you to be at the facility for a few hours daily, while other programs may only require a few hours weekly. Therefore, these treatments are far less expensive. These programs are advantageous to those participating because they can continue working while attending without having to worry about using vacation or sick days.

How Much Time is Necessary?

How much time is necessary for your program is something that is a factor when determining the cost of treatment. When you first begin, you’ll go through an evaluation, and your counselor will recommend how long you should stay in treatment to effectively achieve your goals. Unless you have a court order to attend rehab, you can make the final decision regarding how long your treatment lasts. Your rehabilitation will depend on how long you need to detoxify and withdraw.

Typical Program Offerings

It isn’t typical for a treatment program to offer luxury amenities in the United States. You’ll receive the necessary accommodations which include a room with a bed, a television, a bathroom, and storage space for your personal belongings. If you don’t mind sharing a room, at some facilities you can save money by doing so. The goal is to receive high-quality rehabilitation services, and that’s possible for between $10,000 and $20,000 per month.


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