How Much Does an Entire New Wardrobe Cost for Women?

How Much Does an Entire New Wardrobe Cost for Women?

Many of us dream of chucking out all of our old clothes and rebuilding our wardrobes entirely from scratch. While this may seem like too large of an undertaking for some, a new wardrobe is actually much more attainable than you might think.

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By starting off with the basic building blocks, you can recreate your whole wardrobe on the fly. Choosing the correct color schemes when purchasing new clothes helps you to make over your closet. Lots of black and white, with occasional bold colors that will allow your outfits to remain stylish, instead of boring is a great way to get started. Remember to look for special occasions and promocodes for, which can help you shop for your new clothes and spend less. You can also check out a Thred Up review  for great online bargains.

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Most women start rebuilding their wardrobe from the bottom up, so two pairs of flats and two pairs of heels are the basis for any solid wardrobe. One pair of flats and heels should accentuate your darker colored clothing, while one pair will go with your neutrals.

By utilizing stores like Zara and Aldo, you can start your new shoe collection at a price that will fall somewhere between $100 and $120, after you’ve purchased an all purpose shoe cleaner.

Some basic T-shirts also aid the process, as black and white shirts enable you to wear them with dress pants, as well as jeans. Versatility is key when constructing a new wardrobe. Express and Forever 21 regularly sell useful T-shirts on the cheap and you should be able to procure at least two, without spending more than $15. You can lower the cost of your entire order if you use an Express discount code.

Blouses and other assorted tops are a great investment, as well. A white blouse is a must have in any girl’s closet and an assortment of other tops in a variety of color schemes will provide your wardrobe with much needed versatility. The Limited, Zara and Express have a wonderful selection and you can reconstruct your selection of tops for a mere $150.

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When it comes to bottoms, jeans and slacks are an obvious must. One pair of jeans to wear with your flats and one for heels will suffice. Choose cuts that flatter you, with no rips and solid colors. Skinny black slacks will help to accentuate your height and you can obtain all of these pants at Express, Zara and Target for roughly $100.

Skirts, dresses, coats and undergarments must also be considered. Two well fitted skirts (one of which should be a pencil), a simple black dress, a neutral colored coat, two brassieres, and a week’s worth of undergarments is where a great deal of your money will be spent.

Zara and Forever 21 are a great place to head for your skirts and dresses and you will spend roughly $150. The coat and the undergarments are more of a personal choice and while some may spend well over $100 on each, there are others who are able to spend much less.

While the numbers will add up to around $800, there are some who will spend more and others who will spend less. The point is simple: you can remake your wardrobe for less than $1,000. There are other items to be purchased once you’ve got down the basics down, such as knit tops, tights, scarves and purses. Should you locate items that fit your wardrobe and have strong versatility, do not be afraid to invest!

Of course, you are responsible for altering this list as needed, for both your budget and your personal lifestyle.  Also, if you are one of those frugal money savers, go nuts at your local thrift store and save even more money. Find a blue dress to go with that blue abstract art you just purchased. Happy shopping!


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