How Much Does a Professional Fireworks Display Cost?

As we ease into the summer, many people’s thoughts turned towards fireworks. You can buy firecrackers and bottle rockets in most states, but how much do those professional firework displays cost? The prices going up a little bit in 2019 because of Donald Trump’s tariffs on China, which is where all fireworks come from originally.

A professionally staged fireworks show for a wedding, birthday, or other private party will range between $4000-$6000 depending on the length of the show and amount of large shells or specialty designer fireworks. For example, some fireworks can spell out phrases such as “Congratulations” or “Happy Birthday.” This would also be the price of a very small town Fourth of July show without any large shells or computer coordination.

Cost Professional Fireworks Display

A larger fireworks display for a sporting events or Fourth of July activity in your local park will cost between $10,000-$30,000. You probably hear about a local business sponsoring the fireworks for a small town show, and that’s because of the great cost of fireworks display. There are over 15,000 professional firework displays across the country on the Fourth of July.

Fourth of July firework displays in large cities will run upwards of $50,000. It can also be a lot more expensive than that sometimes. For example, the July Fourth Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular draws over 500,000 spectators (also is shown on television) and costs around $3 million. The Macy’s Fourth of July Spectacular which incorporates over 50,000 shells launched from six barges costs up to $8 million. If you are looking for amazing colors in your home (instead of the sky), check out this original abstract art for sale.


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