The Four Best Features of the Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Four Best Features of the Amazon Fire TV Stick

Streaming TV has grown immensely, in both popularity and quality, over the past few years. It’s grown to such a point that many people, all over the world, are cancelling their cable and satellite TV subscriptions, “cutting the cord” so to speak, and getting all of their entertainment via streaming. And why not? With the ability to pick and choose the shows you want to watch, without having to wait for that show’s time slot, and being able to watch entire seasons in one sitting, it’s easy to see why more and more people are “cutting the cord.”

Streaming your entertainment offers manyadvantages outside of TV and Movies as well – online gaming has also grown to become a multi-million dollar industry, and it’s getting hard to find anyone who listensto music on a CD anymore. They can just download their favorite songs, and take them on the go!

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While there are many different streaming servicesavailable, and many devices you can use to stream them, Amazon’s Fire TV stickis far and away one of the best you can find. There’s a host of different reasons why you should make it your device of choice, for all of your streaming needs, and below are some of the best.

1)   A Multitude of Choices

With the Amazon Fire TV stick, you can rest assured that you’ll find exactly what you want, no matter if you prefer different streaming channels, radio shows, podcasts, apps, and more. There are literally tens of thousands of venues you can access, with movies and TV shows in the action, drama, comedy, family friendly, horror, and numerous other genres.

2)  No Requirement for TV or Cable

We’ve already discussed that traditional TV subscription services are quickly becoming outdated. It’s tough to stay committed to your favorite TV shows when they only come on at a certain time, and you only get one episode a week. With the Fire TV Stick, that isn’t a problem.

The stick gives you access to over 500,000 different TV shows and movies, and you can access entire seasons all at once. The best part? You don’t have to have a pre-existing TV subscription to enjoy them. If you’re someone who enjoys watching Mr. Robot, but doesn’t want to pay for a package just to get USA Network, no problem: you can watch it with your Fire TV Stick.

3)  It’s Easy to Jailbreak

One of the main drawbacks that fans of TV shows and movies deal with on a regular basis is region locking. Region locking is where certain content is restricted to use only in that region. If, for example, you buy an imported Blu-ray disc from Japan, you might pop it into your American manufactured Blu-ray player, only to get an error message. This is most likely because the disc is region locked, and will only play on Japanese Blu-ray players. Region locking exists in streaming services as well, and it’s a pain for fans of foreign produced entertainment.

Fortunately, the Fire TV Stick is very easy to jailbreak, meaning that you canremove these restrictions, and access content from all over the world. Usecaution when you do this however; while it’s perfectly legal in the U.S.,certain regions, like China, maintain very strict copyright and streaming laws,and accessing Chinese content on your Fire Stick may result in a fine for you.

4)   It’s Incredibly Affordable

If you’ve ever had a subscription to satellite TV, you probably remember how painful, and incredibly expensive, it was just to get it installed, and use it. You had to wait for a service technician to come and set up the dish (with an installation fee), plug it into your service box (which you paid rent on as part of your subscription), had to wait for the calibration to finish, and even after all that was done, your service would frequently go out in bad weather. Essentially, you were paying a lot for a service that you may not be even able to use when you want.

With the Fire TV Stick, none of this applies. Once you own the Stick, that’s it. There are no usage fees – you pay up front, plug the stick into your HDMI compatible TV, and you have instant access to your favorite movies, shows, and music. You can get a 1st Gen Fire Stick for just $39.99, while newer models have more features, and better usability, for an increased price.


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  1. This post helped me lot to save money i cut my cable after read this post now i am using firestick and watching verything for free before i was paying for cable 200$ thank u

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