Massage chairs are great items to keep in your home. Modern massage chairs use advanced technology to mimic human massages. They can knead, roll, and vibrate nearly all parts of the body. They also have heat therapy, body scanning sensors, and zero gravity positions.

There are some great massage chairs that are cheap. Many, however, cost thousands of dollars. If you’re buying an advanced furniture item like that (which is basically a home spa), then you should expect to spend some money on it.

Firstly, there are the lower-end massage chairs. These are the ones that cost less than $1000. They don’t have many advanced features; they only perform some basic functions and massages. Some of the advanced settings they don’t have include: memory storage, heat therapy, and multiple programs. how much massage chairs cost

Then, there are the mid-range massage chairs. They cost between $1000 and $4000. These massage chairs are slightly more advanced than the previous ones. They’re more durable and have more programs/settings.They’re the overall best massage chairs to get, because they have good features and are reliable but not too pricey.

Lastly, the expensive and high-end massage chairs cost more than $4000, and usually up to $10,000. These are really expensive and they’re not for everyone. They have several advanced settings, such as a smart tablet, smart technology, body sensors, air cell technology, and they have at least a dozen different programs. People should go for these if they can afford it, but it’s not necessary. You can get a good quality massage chairs in the lower price range too. 

Massage chairs are a great investment because they’re long-lasting; you can expect to be using one for at least a few years, and more depending on which one you get. And they’re great for stress relief and overall health, so they can even reduce medical costs in the long-run. If your chronic muscle and tendon tightness is more severe, you might want to also look into Rolfing, Graston, or Active Release Technique therapy.