If you’re considering applying to Texas Tech University, you will probably want to spend a few days visiting the campus, exploring the city of Lubbock, and getting a first-hand feel to decide if Texas Tech is the right fit for you. The cost of travel can add up, but with the right preparation, a short trip to Lubbock can be very affordable.

Texas Tech is located in Lubbock, a north Texas town known for its friendly atmosphere, affordable cost of living, and wide selection of activities and amenities for students. When you’re planning your visit to the Texas Tech campus, you might be wondering how much you should budget for your trip. Most college students are interested in money saving tips, and for many, that starts before you even submit your application. Here are the costs you should expect for short visit to Lubbock as a prospective student.

Hotels Visiting Texas Tech University Lubbock

There are several hotels in Lubbock that are a short walk or drive from campus, including large hotel brands available through online booking sites. Be sure to book early if you’re visiting during football season, as hotels tend to fill up fast when the Texas Tech football team is playing a home game! Hotels in the area average about $100 per night, depending on the season. Plan to budget approximately $125 per night to account for hotel fees and taxes.

Rental Car

If you are flying into Lubbock, you will need to rent a car, which can range in price from about $20 per day to $50 per day, depending on the car rental company and the size of vehicle you require. Parking is normally free at most hotels near Texas Tech.

Dining & Activities

There are plenty of affordable spots to eat around Lubbock, from Texas BBQ to authentic Mexican food- along with most of the national chain restaurants. Plan to spend an average of $12 to $15 per person, per meal – and don’t forget to tip your servers! For excellent food and a scenic view of the Texas Tech campus, head to one of the best restaurants in Lubbock, Skyview’s. Or, head over to Spanky’s for burgers and fries – and get a glimpse of what weekends are like when you’re a student at Texas Tech!

You can always save a few bucks by stopping at a local supermarket for groceries. In addition, many hotels near Texas Tech offer complimentary breakfast buffets for guests.

Aside from your campus tour, make sure to save time to stop by one of Lubbock’s many museums and landmarks, such as the Silent Wings Museum, which is dedicated to the gliders used in World War II, or the National Ranching Heritage Center.

All in, for a family of two or three traveling to Lubbock to visit the Texas Tech campus for two days and two nights, you should plan to spend around $500 dollars on a hotel, rental car, and meals. Add more to your budget if you need to purchase airfare, or if you’re interested in doing more activities or picking up souvenirs!