How Much Does it Cost to go on an Alaskan Cruise?

Do you wish to explore Alaska?

This summer can be just the perfect time to bring your plan into action. Nowadays it is simple to search for wide range of cruises that offer opportunity to experience culture, nature and beauty that Alaska has to offer in order to create memories that will last for lifetime.

Just imagine viewing glaciers, mountains, humpback whales, etc. These are only some of them but there are many more exciting things that you can experience when you venture to this part of the country. These trips usually come with a high price tag. However there are some of the cruises that offer extravagant journey at an affordable price.

alaskan cruiseFew of the major luxury cruise lines provide Alaskan itineraries that offer distinctive experience to explore some of the best scenic highlights. These cruises typically last for a week or two week and usually depart from various destinations. Whatever location you select as your starting point you just need to keep in mind that you consider the time and expenses to know how much does it cost to go on an Alaskan cruise.

A seven day cost to go on a Alaskan cruise starts at $600 to $1200 per person plus extra air fare. There are luxury ships which range around $800 to $2000 and this may rise to $2500 to $5000 per person for a private suite.

Additional costs

You will have to pay Port fees and taxes which may range around $100 to $250 and make sure that this piece is included in the quoted price. There are on-shore excursions which can cost around $40 to $400 per adventure. It is usually a good option to book directly with the tour operator rather than booking through the cruise line.
Apart from that tipping is expected to add up the cost from around $5 to $10 daily per person or $70 to $140 for couples on a seven day trip. There are few of the cruise lines that include tips in their prices.

While mass market ships provide lower fares there are chances that they may charge for the special shows, spa treatments, restaurants and other onboard activities. This can lead to doubling the cost. If you select luxury ships then you will find that most of things are included just excluding bar drinks and shore excursions.

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