How Much Does a Brazilian Blowout Cost? [Prices 2023]

Brazilian blowouts have become a popular treatment for straightening hair for those of us blessed with very curly hair. Brazilian blowouts are a great technique to eradicate frizzy hair, add some luster and sheen, and most importantly, straighten hair. The process utilizes amino acids to seal and smooth the hair cuticle which will keep it straight for three months or more. The minute you leave the salon, you can wash and blow dry your hair, workout, put your hair in a ponytail or clip and it will be smooth and frizz-free which is very convenient. Everybody knows that Charlie Brown had a crush on the girl with the naturally curly hair, but maybe you are looking to get rid of those curls. So how much does a Brazilian blowout cost?

Brazilian Blowout Cost

The average cost of a Brazilian Blowout in 2020 is between $200 and $400 depending on the salon, location, and length of hair. Ladies with short hair will pay closer to $200 while someone with long and thick hair will pay closer to $400. We contacted several salons throughout the country, and the average price of a Brazilian blowout for a woman with average length hair is $300 (plus a tip). It’s always a good idea to check websites such as Groupon, since this type of service is often listed with a significant discount. We recommend doing a Google search for hair salon in your ZIP Code to see what is around you. Check out some of the reviews on Yelp, and call them about their pricing for Brazilian blowouts. You should be able to find a quality salon that will charge you around $300 for the treatment. Of course, there are other techniques to chemically straighten hair.

Brazilian Blowout vs Japanese Hair Straightening

how much does a Brazilian blowout cost

First off, let’s get a clarification between these two hair straightening techniques. Japanese hair straightening actually lasts up to six months, which is three months longer than the Brazilian blowout, but the results are not as natural and silky looking in appearance. Also, the Brazilian blowout vanishes close to the same rate that your new hair grows, which results in an overall more natural look throughout the three-month period.  Japanese hair straightening can leave your hair stiff and awkward.

Brazilian Blowout vs Keratin

Keratin is very effective for straightening hair. It is, however, fairly costly usually coming in at $400 or more. Also, you cannot wash your hair for three days after the treatment so there is more risk in damaging your hair. You might also end up with greasy hair that has a foul odor, and acne may develop along your hairline. Brazilian blowouts allow you to wash your hair right away, and you can safely style your hair or use hairpins. There is also no foul stench involved in the process, which is another plus. You will not be able to put your hair in a ponytail, or even behind your ears, which may impact your workout routine. The full keratin treatment is just not convenient considering most people’s schedules in this day and age.

Keratin Express

There is also a keratin express treatment which only costs around $100 and takes about two hours to complete. This will eliminate frizz and relax the hair for about six weeks, and you only have to wait about 10 hours before shampooing and putting your hair in a ponytail, so you can get back to the gym pretty fast. This has become a very popular solution since it’s cost-effective and doesn’t cramp your lifestyle too much. The downside is that only last for six weeks, but it might be easier for you to do this every couple months instead of a Brazilian blowout or full keratin.

Okay, so we discussed why Brazilian blowout is probably your best option to straighten your hair chemically. So what are you waiting for? Straighten out your kinky hair and embrace the new you! Treat yo self to some Gucci shoes and loosen up your body at Stretch Zone when you are done.

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9 thoughts on “How Much Does a Brazilian Blowout Cost? [Prices 2023]

  1. You know nothing about keratin!!! Read and Learn!

    Keratin is a substance used in a chemical formula by Brazilian manufacturers fsuch as: Cadiveu, Ekos, Brazilian Blowout, Coco Choco etc. There is no such a thing as “you cannot wash your hair for three days after the treatment ” with keratin, as it is not applicable statement. It is like saying all cars are front wheel drive, just because you never drove 4WD. Brazilian Blowowut is a procedure! Keratin is a substance. It is not about the procedure it is about the formula.

    Every product on the market has a different formula. If product which has keratin needs to stay in the hair for 72 hours, it is an old formula, and inferior product, that is it!

  2. I’m SO HAPPY I found, what seems to be, valid information on a Brazilian Blowout. I think this is what I am going to have done to my 10 year old daughter’s hair. She has TONS of very curly black hair that is fuzzy in some areas, and I am the opposite with dark blonde hair that is baby fine and stick straight. So, I’m not familiar with what to do for her hair. I adopted her when she was a toddler and I’ve never had a problem doing her hair in plaits, which looked really, really cute,…until recently. She informed me that she looks like a “1st grader” with the way I’ve always plaited her hair, and she wants to look like the 5th grader she is OR, like the older girls, which I don’t know if that is a good thing, or not. Hummm… So, I had her hair professionally braided with beads for the first time, and it looks beautiful. Most importantly, she loves it. But, I would like to give her a choice with different ways she can do her hair. A Brazilian Blowout will be one choice, and the salon I go to does this. So, THANK YOU so much for the advice!!!

  3. the trick to flexi rodding for ME was to curl your hair and while it’s still warm rod it so it can keep that exact curl parettn. Be sure to rod it TIGHT!!! It worked for me. Good luck:)

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