How Stress Affects Seniors and How to Manage It

How Stress Affects Seniors and How to Manage It

Pandemic Effects on Mental Health

The outbreak of Coronavirus 19 has spread fear and stress all over the world. The elderly’s management in this pandemic has become more critical and the tense situation demands less social contact. Stress and anxiety concerns related to the virus disease has changed people of all ages.

The Elderly are more prone to mental health issues during these troubled times. Moreover, preventive measures like keeping older people in isolation have further worsened their mental health.

With information and alertness, we can secure our senior’s safety and comfort. But we must keep track of their emotional and mental health to make sure they receive proper care.


Reasons for Mental Health Disorders in Seniors

  • Substance abuse
  • Dementia
  • Illness or loss of a loved one
  • Long-term illness chronic pain
  • Medication 
  • Physical disability 
  • Physical illnesses 
  • Poor diet 

What Leads to Mental Illness?

A mental health condition is not caused by any specific incident. It has multiple connected causes.

  • Genetics or family history.
  • The environment and a person’s lifestyle choices play an essential role.
  • Being exposed to things like prolonged stress from the job,
  • Home life or caretaking role,
  • Exposure to emotional, physical, or sexual trauma
  • Being a victim of crime.

Why is Good Mental Health Important

It is easy to manage stress, during a period of good mental health. There are numerous ways to build good mental health.

Take Care of Your Body.

Our bodies and our minds are bonded together. In addition, when we take care of our body, we take care of our mind.

Eat Well

Food is our energy and it gives us vital nutrients that help our body to perform daily functions. In fact, a more balanced diet consequent in better work. Similarly, our brain gets more energy.

The food we eat enhances our mental health.  In fact, we must include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in our diet to work our best.

Tips to Take Care of Your Body

  • Always eat on time, so your body has enough energy to work all day. meals can make you feel tired or ill-tempered.
  • Do not take too much Caffeine. Both coffee and black tea contain Caffeine. Not only does it stimulate your body, Caffeine in fact can add to feelings of anxiety too. If taken before bedtime, it will make you sleepless.
  • Another point is to Control intake of sugar. Eating sugar gives you energy. People take sugar like candies, cakes and sweet drinks. However, sugar makes you fat. Fat people have many health problems.
  • Alcohol addiction ruins your life although it is enjoyable if taken in small quantities and that too at the weekends. Excessive alcohol destroys your marital life and you lose your friends and money.

hemp cigarettes cbd are a cigarette alternative and quit smoking aid containing no tobacco, nicotine, or additives.


Exercise is good for everyone. Above all, it boosts your mood and energy and is also good for mental health.

  • Helps us deal with stress and thus overcome anxiety.
  • It certainly decreases anxiety.
  • Boosts our mood therefore leaves us feeling energetic.
  • Immediately gives energy to our brain.
  • Makes us feel good about ourselves.
  • After the exercise, we sleep well at night.

You do not spend all day to gain energy but only 15 minutes a day to begin with, will be enough to see significant changes. Always start with light movements and then accordingly you can increase.

Here are Some Tips to Enhance Your Mental Health.

Do physical movement you enjoy. In particular swimming, cycling and some light pace walking. As these things will keep you busy.


  • Exercising and training with friends can certainly be a good way to increase your social circle. As a result, you will enjoy the activity, and also connect with people you meet. Activity is perfect for your mental health. With this in mind your exercise partner will help you to maintain a workout regularly.
  • Pick something you enjoy. Keep in mind, you can do any activity that gets you moving! If you like training, you are more likely to do it. Focus on how exercise makes you feel.
  • Exercise with someone else. You will get the benefits of exercise, and you will connect with someone else. Moreover, social connection is also good for your mental health. You are also more likely to keep up with your exercise sessions if you plan them with someone else.
  • The next time you feel gloomy, and worried, or stressed, go for a walk outside. Since walking is a fast and easy way to feel good about the things you enjoy and live.

Get Enough Sleep

Indeed, sleep has a massive influence on mental health. When we have enough sleep, it is easy to deal with stress, tackle problems, focus, think positively, and a good memory.

Your sleep requirements depend on your body type, and the type of work you do. Usually, the body requires 8 hours of rest. Work can be done later, but in fact, rest and sleep are more vital for the body. Without sleep, the body cannot focus and as a result lack energy. Here are some things to avoid to sleep well:

  • Avoid exercising before bedtime. On the other hand, slow, relaxing movements like yoga can help to calm you down before bed.
  • Eat light meals, for instance no alcohol, cigarettes, and Caffeine. They will all disturb your sleep. Caffeine in coffee or black tea stimulates the brain that keeps you awake.
  • The room should be comfortable for sleeping. No extra light and noise from outside so that it is cozy and warm.
  • Stick to light activities just before bed, such as, reading or watching a movie.
  • Follow a routine. Try to maintain a regular sleep routine. Follow the same pattern even on weekends.
  • Only use your bedroom for sleeping. Do your office work and watch TV in a separate room?
  • If you have disturbed sleep at night, then do not sleep during the daytime.
  • No sleeping pills. You will get addicted.

Connect with Others

Social networks keep busy with no time left for worries, which is good for mental health. There are a wide variety of people, from fashion blogger to travel blogger. There are many ways we can connect.

  • If you like traveling, go to his FB page and travel places along with him.
  • Cooking sites are the best. Just by looking at those recipe videos, you fill your stomach.
  • Find your friends on FB. Old university or high school mates, you can find everyone.
  • The best part I like is gaming videos, and live gaming is so much fun.


Getting old is part of life. Nobody lives forever. While we are alive, we can make the best of our lives for ourselves and others.

Loneliness is the worst part of old age. Always stay connected. Social media is the best. Friends, relatives, and senior colleagues are there to talk and joke.

There should always be someone near you. Old people need nursing, to give them medicine on time. There are old feeble adults who need extra caring.

Health should be the topmost priority. No health, no wealth. Eat a balanced diet; proper sleep and exercise keep you fit.  

Try reading and writing. Through your How writings, you express your inner thoughts. How you feel about your environment, society. When you read, you become wise and boost your energy. It is a game that is never going to end.


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