Washington, the state capital of the United States, consists of many cities including Vancouver, Spokane, Tacoma and the most famous, Seattle. The city is not only culturally diverse because of its high volume of immigrants, it is geographically diverse as well thanks to its numerous forests, lakes, and mountains. It truly is one of the most stunning cities in the United States which is worth living for various reasons. Today, I will talk about 5 reasons to move to Seattle.

  • The People

Seattle is a city that is almost made up of immigrants, so you can expect everyone to be friendly. There is a sense of community and togetherness here. Although you will meet different kinds of people everywhere you go, the general vibe you get from this city is good. People look out for each other and they’re polite. The legal system here is excellent too. There are all sorts of lawyers, from injury lawyers to immigration lawyers, and they all do their best to help make you feel safe and protected. Five Reasons Move Live Seattle Washington

  • The Food

What’s the point of living in a scenic city if you don’t find good food to go along with it? Since Seattle is home to immigrants from different parts of the world, the food scene is very similar. You have Asian, African, and Mexican cuisines, just to name a few. If variety isn’t your cup of tea and you just want some comfort food, then try renowned Dick’s Drive known for its juicy and delectable burgers. It operates through 7 outlets in the city and people really do go gaga over their food.

However, if you’re more of a clean eater and prefer your food to be fresh, Seattle has a vast number of farmers markets. It even has fish markets where people throw fish at each other. It’s one of the things you have to see to believe.

  • The Music and Art

Although Seattle is relatively underrated for its music and art scene, it has a greater history. The Foo Fighters, Macklemore, Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana are only a few names that started from the city of Seattle. Other than the music, the art scene is very vibrant too. There are always some events going on. They have even made an art guide for all the events that take place. So, if you are big on art and music, this is the city for you.

  • The Weather

Seattle may be known for its rain, but contrary to popular belief, it gets lesser annual rainfall than Houston, Nashville and Boston. If you prefer living in a place that sees adequate sunshine and rain, head toward Seattle. It has perfect weather for adventuring souls. The winters get cold but the upside to that is Denny Sledding on Capitol Hill. If it snows enough, this entire street gets shut down and people come just to sled down it.

  • The Quality of Life

The fact that this is a developing city is a big advantage of moving here. There are jobs available all over the place since the job market is growing rapidly here. Specifically in the software sector, Google and Facebook have campuses up here, and it’s also home to Amazon and Microsoft. Other than that, the city is ranked #2 with the cleanest air. Seattle gets its wind currents from the west and the fact that they are coastal winds also helps. There is so much to do for everyone who lives here, so you would never get bored.