In America, credit history is one of the things that determine the type of credit card that you get. When you have a poor score or no credit history, it can be tricky to get the best credit card.  So, do you need a credit card but have no credit history? Here are some of the best credit cards for you in 2020.

Wells Fargo

It is a credit card that is best for students.  It offers some of the best appealing features, such as a 0% APR introductory offer on purchase and balance transfer.  There are no annual charges, and you can get some rewards. It is not possible to win rewards on every purchase with this type of card, so this makes it the best card for students.

It would be best if you avoided card debt when you are building your history. You can visit here to learn ways on how to build your credit history. But if it is necessary to take debt, a Wells Fargo card enables you to carry a short- term loan with a reasonable interest rate. To get this card, you must have an account with wells Fargo for you to qualify.

Attractive Asian Woman Credit Card

Capital One

It is another type of a secured credit card that you can get. It has no annual fee, and you can build your credit history if you use it responsibly. It reports regularly on the three main credit bureaus. You are required to make a minimum deposit of $49 as refundable security.

When you make the minimum deposit security required, you receive a credit line. You can also achieve a high credit line when you make timely-monthly payments for the first five months. You can also use your mobile and phone app to manage your account.

Discover it

It is a secured credit card that you can use to earn more rewards. You can win prizes such as 2% cashback when you use it on gas. It will match all your cashback from the time you started using it. To use a Discover it credit card, you need to make a minimum deposit of $ 200 as security. When you make timely payments using this card, Discover can upgrade you to an unsecured version.

Total visa card

To apply for this card, you need to have a checking account. Its process of application is easy and fast. With this card, you can shop online, and it’s acceptable across the US. When it is approved, you are only required to pay a program fee for you to start using your card. With a total visa, you can improve your credit score faster because it reports monthly to credit bureaus. 

Apple Card

It is a credit card that is unsecured and has no annual fees. There are no charges in case of late payment you might get with other cards. It is a good card when you are trying to build your credit history. When you use this card, you receive a 2% cashback. 

When you want to build your credit history, it is wise to look for credit cards that charge low fees. These are the best credit cards that you can apply for in 2020. You can visit here for some advice on anything concerning credit cards.