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It seems it never ceases to get better and better with time when it comes to technology. There has been an array of systems developed integrated to convert energy from what mother nature is producing to a form that the living organisms can utilize.

As technology is on the rise, so are electric vehicles (EVs) following the pace, as we’ve seen over the past century. There is a need for a clean environment and clean transportation; that is why there is an awareness of the importance of embracing electronic vehicles as they play a significant role in transport and energy conservation systems.

As one of the current state of the art affairs report, investors are settling on technological products keeping in mind that it has a gigantic chance of investment gains. In case you want to invest in Lithium funds the UK, this is the best time to start as other factors remain constant.

 To prove the validity of this statement, try to consult an investor from decades ago who might have gambled their money into the dot-com boost, and they will tell you that they have never made any better choice than casting down all their fortunes on the platform.

 If you are a follower of current affairs, you will notice specific technological shifts between 2016 and 2017 when there were sudden changes in the automotive industry, having moved from what seemed internal combustion engine to the newly improved electric vehicles giving room to the mining industry.

Carmakers and the government at significant saw shift of EVs coming, thus bringing sudden changes in the sale of new cars. The investors who initially invested their money were unlucky that they had to incur more significant losses.

 London Companies that were largely affected were left stranded when it came to receiving financial aid from mines. The prices for minerals such as cobalt, graphite, and the highly demanded Lithium crushed since the supply exceeded the demand of the same products.

Now that things are back to normal, prices of goods have gone to normal. There is more investment in mines, and traders have focused on Lithium and other electronic vehicles’ raw materials.


Lithium has so many uses. It makes glass, ceramics and it’s also used in large-scale pharmaceuticals to treat depression, used in car batteries, and many more. The need for Lithium wholly depends on the adoption of electric machinery.

To answer your question, if one can buy shares in British Lithium, then it is obvious, “Yes.” British Lithium was the first company in the Ule, and it even launched a novel, “Environmentally friendly process for

extracting Lithium.” They have received two innovative grants from the Ule Government as a token of appreciation for a job well done.

You can buy and hold Lithium with a 1G platform that deals with shares. Investing in such platforms, you automatically become the owner of shares outright, and you will benefit from share price increments and dividends.

Depending on new supplies from Argentina, Australia, and Chile, there would be an increment to 500,000 tonnes of Lithium as we speak in terms of 2025. It is more than double supplies increment from the 21.5000 tonnes per year.

Lithium Carbonate is sold at Pounds 7,332 a tonne in 2021. The sudden reduction in prices is due to the adequacy of Lithium in the earth’s Crust.


When considering investing in Lithium, one of the best options you can decide on is investing in an ETF Lithium. ETFs are plenty in the financial markets. You only need guidance in choosing the best when there are the top 3

1. The global X Lithium and Battery Tech ETF

It is with no doubt that this is one of the best ETF investor options you can rely on. It is the best platform to get exposure to limited lithium-related stocks. These lithium funds Uk helps in keeping trade of the performance of miners universally as well as battery producers. It consists of 40 holdings with a calculation of a new asset of almost 2.8 billion.

2. ETFs Battery Tech & Lithium ETF

When it comes to an ETF that focuses on the supplies chain and production of batteries on a large scale, it is the ETF that will work for you, bearing in mind that Australia is the leading Lithium producing country. ETF Battery Tech provides investors with dividends, a low annual expense ratio of 0.82% hence the best ETF


When you have finally decided to invest in lithium funds, the best way is to find a regulated brokerage fund to assist you in trading funds.

One of the most worthy investment apps in the UK that would gladly serve you to your satisfaction is the eToro investment app. It’s the most prominent social trading app globally, and you can easily buy shares for it offers limited financial instruments from the various market like FX currency, ETFs, cryptocurrency, and stocks.

The margin requirement for ETFs trading is 20%, and it will allow you a zero commission on a range of 249 exchange-traded funds from countless stock exchanges worldwide. eToro offers a liquid lithium ETF exchange globally such that when you buy and sell the ETF on the platform, you’ll be as sure as death that the trader won’t charge you any commission.

Once you’ve created an account with eToro and verify your credentials, you’ll only be required to pay £ 140, and you’ll be as good to go.

The bottom line is, the costs you’ll require to invest in lithium funds in the UK will be determined by the platform you choose to invest your ETFs. For example, we’ve seen eToro offering £140 and another like Fineco you’ll only pay £2.95 per year. The cost is all dependant on your decisions and what exactly you want to achieve. You can click the link below to find out more.