How Much Does it Cost to Mail a Letter or Package?

How Much Does it Cost to Mail a Letter or Package?

Putting a letter or postcard in the US mail seems like such an old-fashioned concept in this high-tech age. It was the only way to communicate in the good old days. People would have to wait several weeks or even a month for correspondence, so it a lot of thought would go into the choice of words on the paper. Today, people are more likely to wish you a happy birthday via email or Facebook instead of sending a greeting card. Sometimes people don’t even check the mailbox on a daily basis anymore. the kids of today might not even know how to mail a letter, but they sure know how to text, Snapchat, and Tik-Tok. The cost of a stamp in 2020 is $.55 and a book of stamps will cost you $9.80. When it comes to stamps, we think it’s fun to choose some of the limited edition designs. There are a lot of cool new designs for 2020 including Bugs Bunny, Fruits and Vegetables, hip-hop, Great Outdoors, American Gardens, and Voices of the Harlem Renaissance.

Hip Hop Stamps

Sending something via the United States Post Office, or snail mail, is mostly relegated to bills, legal notices, and documents that have to be delivered as a hard copy for legal reasons. Wedding invitations typically will still come this way since it’s a more traditional routine. Whatever your reason is, you might want to know the current rate of postage. Don’t forget to purchase forever stamps today since they will always be able to be used regardless of a price hike. Mail does not come on Sundays, but USPS does deliver on Saturdays.

Cost of mailing a letter or package

  • First Class Mail Letters      $0.55
  • First Class Postage (1 oz) (Metered Rate)       $0.50
  • Per Additional oz                $0.15
  • First-Class Mail Flat/Large Envelope up to 1 oz (9″ X 12″)        $1.00
  • First-Class Mail Flat/Large Envelope – each additional ounce       $0.20
  • Postcards        $0.34

Here are some additional fees that you might choose to include in your mailing service:

  • Certified Mail Fee        $3.35
  • Electronic Delivery Confirmation Receipt        $0.80
  • Restricted Delivery Service        $4.95
  • Priority Mail rates start at $7.02
  • First Class Package Service starts at $2.74
  • Media Mail rates start at $2.80

The official website as many tools and further information. We also recommend checking out to print your own discounted stamps at home. Take this opportunity to mail an old friend a handwritten letter. It will definitely make their day a little bit brighter.


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