After being married for a few years you decide that you no longer want to be married or it just does not work out, you have decided to get a divorce.

How much does it cost?

When it has been made a mutual agreement that a divorce is to happen, this will be called uncontested. Going through an uncontested divorce will be a lot easier than a contested one. With it be uncontested you will save a lot of money on lawyers and attorneys. When adding all the money up that it will cost you, be sure to add in the fee of the paper work. Most uncontested paper work can be purchased through your local courthouse for around fifty dollars. After all the papers are filled out and signed, you will have to return to the courthouse and file the papers. The filing fee will be the most expensive part of it, this will run you between four and six hundred dollars, depending on the state you live in.

how much cost divorce laywerIf it happens to be contested, you are looking at more money. When it is contested you will need lawyers and attorneys. Divorce Attorney fees can be very expensive but worth it in the end. When it’s contested, it basically means that the other party does not agree to your terms and will fight you in court for what they want. The Divorce Attorney fees can be any where from five thousand dollars and up. At this price you will get a good attorney and they will fight for what you want, and if you pay that high amount of money, you are more likely to win.

Even though uncontested is the cheapest way to go, if you are dealing with a contested one, you can still do it for a fraction of the cost by using a Divorce Lawyer instead of a Divorce Attorney.  Divorce Lawyer fees are anywhere from one thousand and five thousand dollars. Keep in mind that sometimes you can get cheaper Divorce Lawyer fees; it just takes doing some research on your part.

The Uncontested Divorce cost a lot less than the contested one but it is a lot simpler to go through. Neither one is really easy or fun but they can be done on the cheaper side by having both parties agree to everything and keeping the lawyers and attorneys out of the picture.