How Much Does it Cost to get a Tattoo?

How Much Does it Cost to get a Tattoo?

If you are thinking to get a tattoo done, it is important that you get an estimate of what it is going to cost you. It will help you understand the amount that you will have to set aside to get the desired design on your body.

For starters, any tattoo that you cast will cost you a minimum of $100. The exact cost of the tattoo will depend on various aspects as mentioned below:

Size of the tattoo:

The size of the tattoo matters the most in determining the cost. A 4X4 inches tattoo will cost around $100 to $ 200 dollars with minimal coloring. In case the size is increased then the cost will also increase. In most of the cases, the cost is increased for every 1 inch extra. Bigger the size, more will be the cost of the tattoo. The size of the tattoo is something you have to bear in mind when thinking about the cost to get a tattoo done.

cost of tattooDesign of the tattoo:

The design of the tattoo also plays an important role in determining the cost. A tattoo having simple design and needs the artist to put fewer efforts will cost the minimum. If you want a design that will want the artist to spend more time and efforts on it, then the cost would also increase by a few dollars. Usual abstract designs will cost you around $300-$400 however if you wish to step up to something custom made, it can run up to a $1000.

Color of the tattoo:

In case you wish to color the tattoo then, be sure that the cost will shoot up. This is one thing that will increase the cost by around $50 dollars. A colored tattoo is always an expensive one. In case you want to get a colored tattoo be prepared to pay more. The charges of the colored ink used, the number of colors used etc., will determine how much you ultimately pay.

Tattoo artist:

The experience and fame of the tattoo artist will also determine the cost to get a tattoo. In case the tattoo artist is an experienced and famous one then he/she would certainly charge more. The extra money that he/she would charge for a bigger sized tattoo, colored tattoo and a complicated design tattoo would be more than that charged by an amateur tattoo artist. Thus, make certain you do not forget to consider this aspect as it matters a lot in the overall cost of the tattoo.

Before you start getting the tattoo done, make certain that you know the overall cost that the artist will charge for every specification. A tattoo can cost you as low as $100 to as high as a few $1000s. Are you looking for something bigger? Check out the cost of a half sleeve tattoo.

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