New parents have a lot going on in their world, and one of the things they need to consider is the new expenses for that bundle of joy. This is a subjective issue because every parent has their own way of raising their child. Some want to give every luxury to their child so that the child lives a lavish life. On the other hand, there are parents who want their kids to be tough. So, they try not to give their children every possible luxury. With this, let me tell you that the details noted below, in terms of costs, are subjective and can be modified depending on the needs. We will point out the major and minor expense list that will help you decide the approximate cost you will have to bear for your little one.

We have divided the total cost in different categories.

Foodhow much cost raise child baby

For an infant, one might think that food expenses will be on the lower side. However, to be frank, you should estimate approximately $1,200 per year till your child is five years old. After that, you might have to spend $100-$200 every year more for food. Food is expensive. So, look for ways to save money on food items. For example, if you are shopping for food items online at, you can choose fresh items from the farmers’ market and save money at the same time. Promo codes for are even available. Look for coupons and make sure that those coupons can be clubbed with store deals.


Housing costs should be the same all the time. If you own a house, you can save a lot on the rentals. However, if you plan to move to a bigger house, this should be added to your list of expenses.


With an infant, the more you travel; higher will be your baby’s transportation too. On an average, you will estimate $1,500 for transportation expenses. This should be constant till your child is old enough to move around alone. From that point forward, you should add transportation expense depending on the mode of transport you let your child choose.


Till your child is okay with your selection, you can force your choices on your child. Once he/she grows up and have their own demands, you cannot even choose an accessory for them. So, for kids under the age of 5, you can estimate $1,000 per year for clothing. As your child grows, you will have to bear additional expenses for this section. Either way, you should know that there are so many online stores like that offers exclusive deals on clothing and accessory so that you can save money on clothing. You can save even more if you use an Overstock coupon code.  Apart from this, you can opt for coupons too! Coupons are life savers because they offer an additional discount on purchases. So, choose coupons and save money every time you shop for your children. Even if your child is old enough to shop for their favorite dresses, let them know about coupons so that a lot of money is saved every year.


There are many divisions in this little division. Till the age of five, your child is totally dependent on your and wants you to take care of every little thing. pediatrician child healthcare doctorFrankly, your child is unable to tell you every little health issue that is clouding his/her mind. So, it is important to study their actions and understand their problem even before they express it in some way or the other. For this, it is important to opt for regular check-ups. Apart from regular checkups, there are a number of medicines and vitamins that are required for your little one. So, one should assume that on average you will spend $1,200 per year for you little one. In the age group of 6-11, your child can express his/her health issues and so for every little thing you might have to visit the doctor. So, on an average, you might have to spend $1,400 per year. Moving on, in the age group of 12-17, your child feels independent at school. So, you can expect him/her to have regular bruises and minor injuries. So, you should estimate $1,600 approximately per year in this period.

Childcare and Education

Here, the expense cycle is V-shaped. So, it starts on the higher side and ends on the higher side too. In between, it goes down and then rises again. For an estimate, you can say $2,500 per year for your little babies. As they grow up, their childcare and education expenses will start to fall. However, once they are old enough to know what field they will choose in the future, you can expect their expenses to be on the rise. From the time your child enters a college, they might start working part-time too. In that case, you can expect expenses in this section to drop slightly. Childcare and education expenses are one of the most important expenses that will shape your child’s future. So, there is no harm in adding $100-$200 every year to your expense list.


Miscellaneous expenses are always on an ascending scale. So, it starts with an average amount, and as and when your child throws in a demand, you might have to add the expense in this section. For example, if your child wants a PS4 or Xbox at the age of seven, this should be added to the miscellaneous section. People think that miscellaneous section eats the biggest chunk. However, if you are planning to segregate your expenses in the sections noted above, you will notice that ‘Miscellaneous’ section does not eat a big chunk of your savings. So, you can estimate $1,000 or slightly less per year for your child till he/she attains majority and starts earning for self.

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