How Much Does Rolfing and Graston Cost?

Everyone is familiar with chiropractic therapy and how it readjusts the spine for optimum health. Most people have either been to a chiropractor, or know somebody who goes frequently to keep the vertebrae nice and separated. There are also therapies that focus on the connective tissue and muscles in the body which get misaligned over years of day-to-day life and repetitive motions. The most common three therapies to address this issue are Rolfing, Graston, and Active Release Technique or ART. While chiropractic services are usually covered under most health insurance plans, these newer techniques typically are not, and they can be expensive. Obviously, when it comes to your health, it is money well spent if it increases your well-being and reduces chronic pain which can be crippling in so many ways. How much does Rolfing, Graston, and Active Release Technique (ART) therapy cost?

Rolfing Cost

rolfing therapyRolfing is named after Dr. Ida P. Rolf who created the therapy. You may have heard of professional athletes using this technique to help with the aggressive results of high-impact sports on their tendons and muscles. Rolfing attempts to restructure the connective tissue back to a healthy alignment and posture, comparable to how a chiropractor tries to restructure your spine. Muscles and tendons are much harder to realign, so it takes a great deal of soft tissue manipulation to change things for the better. Rolfers are focused on creating overall balance throughout your entire body, whereas massage is focused on specific areas that are tense. As your body becomes more organized, chronic pain can be resolved with long-term and permanent results because the overall structure has been changed.  typically, you will need 10 sessions for maximum benefit, with each session costing between $80 and $120.  Most practitioners will offer a discount if you commit to the 10 sessions upfront. There is still some benefit in only doing three sessions.  Use this website to research qualified Rolfers in your area:

Graston Costgraston therapy

Graston is another therapy that treats connective tissue and muscles by manipulation with trademarked stainless steel tools that are designed specifically for this technique. Practitioners  are able to diagnose and resolve adhesions in the tendons and muscles, as well as breakup and remove scar tissue and fascial restrictions which might be causing inflammation and chronic pain. The Graston Technique Focuses on specific problem areas rather than the whole body like Rolfing,  but it does claim to have permanent beneficial results as it removes the problematic scarred tissue. Again, you have probably heard of this technique being performed on professional athletes, but it might be a good therapy for you to resolve your chronic pain from normal day-to-day activities.  The average cost of Graston is $60-$90 per session. The best results have been achieved when treatments are performed twice per week, over a period of  3 to 6 weeks (6-12 treatments), although many people will respond much quicker. Use this website to research qualified Graston practitioners in your area:

Active Release Technique (ART) Cost

Active Release Technique (ART) is another technique that attempts to break up scar tissue and adhesions within muscles and tendons. The therapy, which was created by P. Michael Leahy, involves the practitioner using their hands to evaluate and manipulate the texture and mobility of the patients soft tissue. It’s a similar approach to Graston, except no special tools are used, just manipulation through hand pressure.  The basic idea is to increase blood supply  to the muscles and connective tissue and release trapped nerves and blood vessels which is the cause of the chronic pain and decreased mobility. The average cost of a treatment is between $30 and $50 per visit depending on the severity of the condition. People typically will notice improvement after four weeks or so, and they would be receiving treatments 2 to 3 times per week.  Use this website to find a qualified practitioner in your area:

Chronic pain can really put a damper on your lifestyle and well-being. We live in a new age of looking at computer screens and looking down at your iPhone or Apple Watch all day, and this can cause permanent issues with your muscles and tendons as well as your spine. Check out these newer therapies in your area as they have helped a lot of people. After you are feeling better, reward yourself with an Alaskan cruise or a vacation to Australia.

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