Damaged hair can be extremely stubborn. Aside from being super dry and dull, it can be flat, lifeless, or worse, unruly and untamable. However, it’s typically a combination of your hair care routine (or lack thereof), environmental factors, heat styling, and chemical treatments that cause brittle hair. This means that you can reverse the effects to reveal smooth, shiny, manageable, and healthier hair. Get some tips and tricks below to get your hair back on track and restore its former glory.

Wash Your Locks Less Frequently

Washing your hair is supposed to clean your hair and scalp and get rid of dirt buildup and excess oil. Shampooing your hair too frequently will strip off your hair’s natural oils, which safeguards and nourishes your hair cuticles. Once these oils are striped away, your hair will then become dry and fragile. To combat this, consider using dry shampoo or washing your hair with just water or water and conditioner every other day. Shampoo your hair on alternate days.

Opt for Shampoo and Conditioners Without Sulfates

You will not get those bubbles and sudsy feeling with a shampoo that’s sulfate-free, but you’ll definitely preserve any salon treatment or color that you have on your hair. Did you know that sulfates are basically detergents? So, no—go with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners. Opt for shampoo and conditioners with strengthening proteins such as keratin or wheat and those that offer a boost of moisture through botanical butter and oils.

Pretty Girl Damaged Hair

Let Your Hair Breathe and Just Let It Be

Constant curling or straightening requires heat that is immensely hard on damaged locks, so ease up on the iron. If you must blow dry your tresses, air-dry your hair first at least 50% prior to applying heat and always apply a heat protectant first.

Make Hair Masks a Habit

Conditioners won’t suffice for damaged hair. You need to apply a moisturizing, purifying, hydrating, and nourishing hair mask twice weekly. Try products such as Mud Hair Mask by Kedma. Enriched with Dead Sea minerals and black mud, this restorative hair mask treats and replenishes vital elements that have been damaged by chemical treatments and heat. It strengthens your hair roots to give you that natural and shiny look. It also contains vitamin A to prevent moisture loss and nourish your scalp.

Rethink Your Hair Color

If you are on a stringent hair coloring session once a month or if you overdo your highlights and bleach too often, consider showing those roots for a bit longer, like maybe using touch-up sprays in between full coloring sessions. You can consider switching to a shade color that’s a bit closer to your own natural hair color or a semi-permanent solution instead of always going for a permanent formulation to give your damaged hair a much-needed break. Highlight can likewise mask grow-in grays if you decide not to completely color your hair.

Unfortunately, your locks can be damaged fairly easily and quickly, and nursing it back to health can take a lot of time. With consistency, the right products, techniques, patience, and time, you can repair your damaged hair safely and keep it from being damaged all over again.