Do you or any of your loved ones suffer from persistent seizures? At times not all episodes are epilepsy. However, it pays to be extra cautious at all times. It’s because these seizures are not only exhausting but also heartbreaking to go through the terrible ordeal over and over again. Please don’t get lost in your thoughts, wondering what you can do next. Did you know that you can take an ecg-eeg test at home? Thus, you’d doctor will offer you’re the proper diagnosis without leaving the house. Other than waiting on the doctor, you can also adopt different simple ways to manage them. They’re as follows. 

Managing Seizures
  1. Know your seizure trigger points 

There’re seizure triggers that you need to take note of and avoid at all costs. By knowing what triggers your seizures, you can have an easier time explaining to your doctor about them. Thus, the doctor will make the correct diagnosis and offer the best solution forward; if your triggers are due to stress compounds, you need to strive and stay in a serene surrounding while reducing the stress triggers by all means necessary. At times attacks often occur due to exhaustion, sleep deprivation, and being in a highly emotional situation. It’d be best to keep track of any pattern linked to your episodes and strive to avoid what seems to be causing the seizures. 

  1. Add exercise routine to your daily activity list. 

It’d be best to try exercising or yoga to relax and restore your body. At times, all you need is to worry less about your seizures and focus on what makes you happy and brings joy into your life. By exercising, you get to have a different focus as you direct your energy into it. It’d be best to try out various workout routines and different yoga types to find one that works for you. 

  1. Adopt a healthier eating lifestyle 

At times the food you consume could tend to spike your seizures. However, to rule out food as a trigger factor, you need to adopt a healthier eating lifestyle. By having a proper diet plan, you get to monitor a reduction in seizure episodes and get better nutrients for your body. It’d be best to find a diet plan, including trying the Ketogenic diet, and see if it works for you as you get to adopt it into your life. 

  1. Try medication 

Working closely with your doctor is the best way to get your seizures under control. There’re several medications and tests like the ECG-EEG test that might come in handy while monitoring your brain’s activity. It’ll enable your doctor to prescribe the best remedy that you can take. One can also get some prescription to aid in reducing the number of times you experience seizures.

You can now take an ECG-EEG test at the comfort of your home to assist the doctor in diagnosing your condition with utmost confidence. Thus, get proper attention without spending time on a long waitlist to see the doctor. While monitoring your seizures, you also need to take heed of the tips stated above.