Headshots are very often associated with actors. But, it’s not just these professionals who require a high-quality headshot.

In fact, having a professional headshot can speak volumes for your brand and help you get the job of your dreams.

But, what size should a headshot be and what should it show? Keep reading to learn how to craft the perfect headshot. Headshot photography is becoming a popular business. Let’s get started:

1. What is a Headshot?

Let’s start with the basics here and look at what a headshot actually is. Your headshot should focus on, you guessed it, your head.

It should show your face and shoulders clearly. In your headshot, you’ll want to be well dressed, most likely in darker clothes.

Your picture should tell the viewer something about you. Are you an experienced professional or a comedy actor? Show this through your clothing, expression, and hairstyle.

What Size Headshot Be

2. Headshot Guidelines

Now you know what a headshot is, let’s look at a few guidelines which you should abide by.

  • Neutral headshotbackground colors work best to avoid detraction from your face.
  • A comfortable facialexpression – practice this in the mirror before you have your headshots taken.Will you give it your best smile or hold aserious pose?
  • A comfortable bodyposition – don’t face directly onto the camera but turn your body slightly andlook directly into the camera. Again, practice this.
  • Stand up straight -you don’t want to give employers the idea that you’re a slouch.

Good headshots vs bad headshots can be as simple as the facial expression you’re pulling. Before you even employ a headshot photographer, practice on a daily basis and ask friends for advice.

3. What Size Should a Headshot Be?

The best guidelines to follow on headshot sizing is 8 inches by 10 inches. This is standard industry size in the US and UK for actors.

You should print your headshot out at this size and attach it to your resume. Your resume should also be the same size as your headshot.

Make sure you print both on high-quality paper to truly be noticed. Small details can make a big impression, even subconsciously, on employers.

4. Hire the Right Professional

After you’ve done all of this work yourself to practice your expression, pick out the perfect clothing and ensure you’re getting the sizing of your picture right, it’s time to hire a professional.

However, if you don’t hire the right person, then you may as well not have prepared at all.

Professional photographers should be able to provide aportfolio of great work and make you feel at ease, says Mike Sansone Photography.

Angles, lighting and quality camera gear comes down to your photographer. These are all essential components to a great headshot.

Don’t Print Out a Bad Headshot

The question “what size should a headshot be” is irrelevant if you’re unhappy with your headshot.

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of working with a photographer who has delivered poor headshots, then it’s time to start this process again.

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