Top Attractions in Whittlesea That Will Make You Want to Move There

Top Attractions in Whittlesea That Will Make You Want to Move There

When shopping for quality real estate around Whittlesea, Vic, it’s only natural to focus on the qualities of the property itself. What’s often ignored are the surrounding areas, vistas, and sights that contribute to the overall experience of long term living in an area.

While not as well-known as many other Australian cities and regions, Whittlesea still have much to offer that will tantalise visitors and long term residents alike. Here are the most beautiful sights to consider should you want to invest in Whittlesea.

Kinglake Adventures

If there’s one thing that can be said about Whittlesea, it’s that it’s more natural than urban. For those who are looking to escape from the constant pollution of highly urbanized areas, there are sights like the Kinglake Forest Adventures that offer more than just an experience of nature.

They offer tree climbs, swing bridges, zip lines, free fall jumps, and exhilarating mountain biking trails for those who crave the rush. For those who prefer serenity, they also offer a chance to indulge in the wonder of nature.

Whittlesea Zipline Tourism

NRG Force

For those who prefer more modern means to relax and enjoy, Whittlesea also boasts of the NRG Force Live Arena Play. The NRG is a play on the word “energy,” and it’s certainly a very apt description.

The main draw of the place is its multilevel laser tag arena that allows the young and the young at heart to live the most thrilling video game shooters in real life. Apart from that, this boasts of classic arcade games — still in their cabinets! — as well as mini golf. It’s perfect for those to whom an investment in real estate in Whittlesea, Vic, also involves their families and kids.

Thomastown Aquatic

Thomastown Aquatic

This is one for those who prefer aquatic entertainment. The first thing that you notice is that the centre is surrounded by an endless blue sky with not a tall skyscraper breaking the view. The next thing that is noticed is the wide array of aquatic adventures that can be had in the facility.

This includes the requisite water park, water slides, warm water pool, and even a 25-meter pool for those who like swimming laps. For the ultimate in relaxation, though, it’s key to try the hydrotherapy pool that promises all the relaxation in the world.

The Lakes

Speaking of relaxation, one of the newest businesses to crop up in the region has been the Day Spa At The Lakes. It’s the ultimate relaxation paradise and offers everything a tired and weary person would need to chill out and enjoy.

They have beauty and salon services on offer for those who want to look great, and these are paired with comprehensive spa services for those who want to feel just as great. Those spa services include an amazing Swedish massage experience, hot stone treatment, spray tanning, and even other forms of massage.

If you’re looking to invest in real estate for the future, Whittlesea has much to offer. These are just a few of the attractions around the city, and they’re nestled amid all the other modern conveniences and necessities that have come to be a part of life today. Make sure you also invest in a developer that has your comfort and interests at heart to enjoy the overall experience.


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