Garden Design and Plant Ideas for 2023

Garden Design and Plant Ideas for 2023

This year will bring new elements and concepts to the design industry, and landscaping is right there to pick up the newest trends. And when it comes to garden design and plant ideas, 2019 is all about ecologically conscious principles and non-symmetrical forms. Colors will add panache and vivaciousness to the green lawns and natural materials while having a special place to enjoy your oasis is a must.

So, with no further ado, take a look at the hottest tips to turn your back yard or a balcony into a truly inspirational picture of nature.  

Allow interior to meet exterior

The trend where interior meets exterior is continuing this year as well but this time it will go a step further. Last year it was all about connecting the two, and now the materials like industrial and reclaimed items are going to the garden as well. Urban gardening on small spaces will be very popular this year so that will help people do gardening on their terrace, balconies, and porches and open up their interior species to the outside world.

Garden Design Plant Ideas 2019

Introduce the hanging plants

Hanging plants are usually used indoors or on the house exterior like porches and stairs. However, now they are going to the gardens outside which will turn them into ultimate decorations. If you have a pergola, use the ceiling beams to hang a few potted plants or simply hang them on the trees in your yard.

Yard wall is also a fine place to show of your creative side and hang some plants, but make sure they get enough sun there. Use different colors of pots to make it all interesting or simply create your own by gluing pieces of tiles and mirrors on them or painting. This year is all about the organic and natural environment, so they will fit right in with the surroundings. Just make sure you have essential gardening tools.

The eco-friendly principles

Ecological issues will be important this year as all the previous ones and designers see the eco-friendly gardens rising in numbers in 2019. This means creating space that respects the nature like planting wildflowers, using compost as fertilizer and rainwater for irrigation. Organic weed-killers and pest repellents are available in any bigger store and some of them you can make by yourself.

Another important way to complete the garden design is using solar lights instead of electrical ones. This will remove cables and holes for them from the design and keep the design clean and eco-friendly. Recyclable pots and planters will be all the rage and they come in various shapes, sizes and designs that will certainly fit well in any garden.

Return of the Moon gardening

For centuries, gardeners were observing the moon to know when to harvest and plant, and that is coming back to garden design and plant ideas. Moon gardens are not only with blooming flowers during the night but they also repel insects and spread amazing scents. Jasmine and tea olive are the most popular in spring, while Magnolia and gardenia will enrich your gardens in the summer.

Also, daisies, petunias, impatiens and some of the other varieties that bloom during the day will continue to do so during the night and make your garden even more beautiful.   

Grow your fruits and veggies

Even though you lack square meters for growing fruits and veggies, there are still ways to do it since 2019 will be the year of small gardens. Dwarf trees like apple, peach, and apricot only need a sufficiently big pot and place in the sun to grow and give fruit. You can do the same with raspberries and blueberries, and enjoy fresh and tasty vitamins straight from your garden.

When it comes to vegetables, vertical planting is perfect to grow lettuce, melons, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peas. Herbs are easy to grow this way as well and having fresh mint for summer lemonade is a welcoming moment during the hot days.

Welcome wildflowers into your garden

During 2018, incorporating wildflowers into your garden was a suggestion, but this year it’s a necessity. Use perennials to create a meadow-like an ambiance in your backyard or simply use vintage ceramic pots and place them planted in such a way in the garden. A nice pair of gloves and gardening shears, as well as water and sun,  is all you will need to take care of these beauties and many gardeners love them for being low maintenance.

The great thing about wildflowers is that they introduce colorfulness into the garden and helps preserve natural pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Adopt the asymmetrical garden design

This year, the garden design will leave the geometrical line and go asymmetrical. Approach this as though you are creating something that is more natural then organized to achieve rustic and offbeat styles. This means that you will have to place everything in a loser more informal manner like you would encounter in nature.

As an inspiration, look up Wabi Sabi or Japanese gardens to find see how much asymmetry can enrich the space and be magnificent.   

Create a resting spot

Gardening has had its share of ever-changing trends, but some are classics and stay forever fashionable. One of those always modern trends is creating a resting spot in your garden with pergola or canopy so that you can enjoy the peacefulness of the flora. Use natural materials like wood and stone to decorate the area and add comfortable seating set to relax and escape the world. A few potted plants like flamboyant fuchsia flowers or sun-kissed flowering maple are perfect to set the joyful mood.

In the end

Garden designs and plant ideas for 2019 bring many new and exciting elements but also keep the classic ones as features that will always be trendy. And most importantly, the message this year is that everyone can have a garden no matter how small space they use as long as there is will. Moreover, gardeners are invited to join the environmental movement and help save the planet. Illinois residents, get expert help from this gardening and tree expert in Chicago.

Guest post by Sarah Jessica Smith


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  1. Thanks for the tips, I’ve been thinking of growing my own small herb garden and maybe experiment with some veggies as well. Hope they work out. I do remember when I started gardening thinking it was a low cost hobby. Boy was I wrong, at least if you have a good sized yard and want to get a real looking garden. The water bill and fertilizer on their own cost a pretty penny nowadays.
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  2. Excellent Article! I think the best-described article for the garden design idea. It is step by step so I get all answers to my questions and is very informative at the same time.

  3. Thank you for the tips. I am pretty sure these ideas would really help a lot of people who are new to this hobby. I will soon start my own garden and would definitely follow all these tips.
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