What is it that separates the rich from the poor? For many, this is a question that has always been difficult to answer. Believe it or not, it’s not the money or the big cars or those large fancy houses. The clues to their success are hidden in their lifestyle and how they approach their problems. Everything from how they talk and walk, to what they eat or drink, to how they think greatly impacts their life. It is these little things that set the rich apart from the rest. Read along to get an idea of the seven (7) things the rich do which the poor don’t.

1. The Rich Surround Themselves with Positive and Successful People

Wealthy people are aware of how significant attitude is. They understand that if they hang out with people who complain about everything from the government to the private sector, they will begin doing the same thing. On the other hand, if they hang out with people who continuously talk about opportunity, success, and positive things, they’ll be in a position to view everything on a positive light. So, instead of believing that the world is a terrible place to be, it suddenly turns out to be a place of opportunity and success. A good example is the case of immigrants and the United States’ citizens. It has been shown that immigrants are four times more likely to be millionaires as opposed to those who are born and raised in the country. The reason for this is: citizens talk about the negatives aspects of the country while immigrant view United States as a land of opportunities. This positive mindset is what the rich have and the poor lack.

Tips What Rich People Do

2. The Rich Outgrow their Problems

When the poor have problems, they will first attribute their challenges to spiritual attack from their own people. They’ll think about bad luck and how others have been blocking their chances to grow. If, for instance, their businesses run out of capital and equipment, their mind will be fixated on how others have been causing bad luck. On the other hand, rich people think of challenges as mere stepping stones to their success. For instance, a reduction in capital is met with a more positive alternative. If businesses don’t work out as expected, the rich look for solutions and not scapegoats. They search for the right lending services to finance their equipment and increase the efficiency of their operations. In other words, the rich search for practical solutions to ensure their problems are solved.

3. The Rich Learn and Grow Constantly

Many people believe that once they attain their degree, they will not need to read anymore. This is a poor man’s mindset. The rich always starve for knowledge because they understand that their success is much dependent on what they learn. An average millionaire reads a book a month so they can continue growing into the person they aspire to be. A poor man, on the other hand, will not read anything and will never change. The poor believe they already know but the rich learn and grow constantly.

4. Self and Value Promotion

The rich, unlike the poor, aren’t afraid of telling others what they know they are great at. In most cases, they are not embellishing. Poor people could be great at so many things, but they are always downplaying them into nothing because they aren’t confident or do not believe in themselves. If you want to be rich, you need to be an excellent salesperson and sell yourself, at the very least.

5. Rich People Don’t Mind the Hard Road

Since the rich have a long-term mindset, they do not mind taking the hard road. The rich could be facing challenges, but they understand that the actions they take today could greatly affect their future. As a result, the wealthy trudge along, keeping their eyes on the prize as they focus on what is to come. By remaining focused and not being afraid of taking the hard road, you will likely become successful and rich as well.

6. Net Worth and Not Working Income

Although the poor mainly talk about hourly pay, the rich understand that hourly rates are not as important as a person’s net worth.  You can easily earn so much money per hour, but if there is no way of keeping it, chances are you will still be broke. The rich are aware that massive net worth will create many opportunities and wealth. Therefore, instead of thinking about your working income, you need to change your mindset so you can focus on your net worth.

7. The Poor Think “Either or,” the Rich Think “Both”

The term ‘opportunity cost’ makes great sense to economists. Simply put, opportunity cost refers to the value of the best foregone alternative. If you pick one thing, for instance, then you’ll most likely forego something else. If you have $10 and purchase $10 chocolate bar, then you are going to give up that ice cream cone you so much desired.

That is exactly how the poor thing. They have a fixed amount of cash which they know can only be used to acquire a single product only. Although this sounds logical, the rich have a different way of looking at things. In any case, the wealthy will think of how best to get both products. Following along this example, when a rich man has $10 dollars, they’ll do their best to get both the chocolate bar and the ice cream cone. To achieve this, the rich person will not go for either of these products initially, but they will instead buy another product, sell it a profit so they can earn some money that will enable them to buy both the ice cream cone and the chocolate bar.


The above are some of the things that rich people do which the poor don’t. Considering the pointers mentioned in this article will help you to develop a positive mindset as you aspire to increase your wealth and your net worth. For more info, check out ways to improve your financial life right now.