Types of Floor Protection Materials When Moving


Relocation is one of the hardest elements for most homeowners. Other than the stress of getting a perfect home in another location for your family, you need to ensure that there is minimal damage to your property during the relocation. This is, however, easier said than done. One of the sections that endure the highest level of damage during a move is the floor. The foot traffic during the packing and moving of the heavy items in your home contribute to considerable flood damage.

When your property gets featured among the luxury homes for sale in Kansas City, the price you fetch will be way lower compared to its actual value if you have damaged floors. Your home requires a significant monetary and time investment to make it a luxury property, and minimizing any damage that will lower its value is essential. Here are some of the materials you should use to reduce the impact of a move on your floors.

Furniture Sliders

Dragging furniture across your floors is the fastest way to leave them with nicks and irreparable damage while damaging your furniture. The ideal choice is to use furniture sliders. These are flat and robust plastic pieces that are fitted with hard rubber. They will minimize or eliminate the friction between your furniture and the delicate floors in your home. The sliders are placed under the legs of your furniture and used to slide your furniture along the floor.

Floor Runners

These generally come in self-adhesive rolls of about 200 pieces. They are made of carpeting or neoprene and have a non-skid surface at their bottom. This way, they will neither slip nor slide when used during your move. Moreover, they can be used on stairs where there is a significant potential of slipping. Though expensive, the runners are very efficient for the protection of your floors.

Carpet Masking


This provides a protective layer for your carpets if rolling and staking them up against your walls is not a viable alternative. Self-adhesive carpet masking will generate a reliable protection layer against water, mud, and dirt on your carpets. Though expensive, it is easy to install and features a non-slip surface that will boost its grip and prevent accidental slips.

Plywood Sheets

These will create a second floor layer for your home and offer a temporary efficient cover to help you move with minimal impact on your carpets and floors. This way, no dents, scratches, and scrapes will affect your primary floor. You should not use the sheets as your furniture sliders since they are not as thick enough and the slide might thus still affect your primary floor. Plywood sheets are also expensive and might not be an option for those who want to keep their relocation expenses to a minimum.

The above materials will not just work for the home you are selling but also the one you want to buy. Irrespective of your choice from the ones above, ensure you have the best moving company for your relocation. You will also maximize your discounts when you use the same company to sell your previous home and buy your new one.

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