How Much Does a Comprehensive Shoe Collection Cost?

How Much Does a Comprehensive Shoe Collection Cost?

Are you still lusting after the $40,000 shoe collection that Carrie Bradshaw reportedly owns? Or do you believe that Bradshaw’s $40k is the magic number for a perfect shoe closet?

When big designer names come into play, prices can soar. However, if you are aiming at a complete shoe collection in different styles, you can get away with spending much less than Bradshaw. Let’s learn how to hunt down quality pairs of business and casual shoes. When you want to go for shoes on a budget, eBay should most likely be one of your first choices if you are doing it online. Another option is to visit a coupon site like and look for coupon codes. There are many popular brands available including Neiman Marcus, so even if the retailer prices might seem too high for you, these coupons will be sure to get attractive discounts. There is a limitless list of options you can get to fill your perfect shoe collection without having to break the bank! But first let’s take a look at some important shoe shopping headers on the example of Allen Edmonds:

Model and Sizing how much shoe collection cost carrie bradshaw

Unfortunately, the brand name is not a guarantee that you are getting best-looking, stylish shoes. It’s best to avoid kiltie tassels, square-toes, moc-toes and bicycle stitching. However, classic models like Strands, Park Avenues, MacNeils, Player’s Shoes and Kenilworths are very good options. In other words, simple cap-toe balmorals, plain-toe bluchers, longwings, and penny loafers.

In addition to the more traditional shoe sizes and widths that typically range from narrow AAA to extra-wide EEE, Allen Edmonds also sells shoes in a number of different lasts i.e. the overall shape of the shoe. In case you are not aware of your size, use AE’s at-home guide or pay a visit to your local shoe store and measure yourself on a Brannock device. Measuring yourself before going for the pick becomes even more important if you are new to purchasing shoes sized by width, as opposed to the middle-of-the-road D that nearly all big-box shoes stock.


It’s time for the most important aspect of this post. In addition to the actual price of the shoes, remember also about the shipping costs. You can get used AEs for as low as $30 to $40 on eBay. With the kind of competition that is currently being experienced even in the used items market, don’t be one of those people bidding for shoes based on brand name alone. If the uppers and inners are in perfect shape, and the soles only have minor and acceptable wear, you can even consider $75 to $100 for a used pair. It is not all that far-fetched if you are getting something quality.

Factory seconds are also available. Go for those that have the minutest of blemishes or stitching errors but of course balancing this with your pocket. You can regularly get some in this category for around $150, sometimes even $125. Actually, you don’t have to overpay for any kind of used shoes. That is why it is also important that you watch out for those sellers that charge ridiculous shipping costs, more so if the price tag seems too good to be true. The cost of shipping a pair of shoes, even with insurance costs and delivery confirmation incorporated in the deal, should never go bend the $15-20 range unless the shipping is being done over a major international border. After your shoes are in order, let’s take a look at that wardrobe. If Air Jordans are more your thing, check out rare sneakers at Kicks Collector.


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