How Much Do Bruce Springsteen Tickets Cost?

Bruce Springsteen is back on tour supporting his reissue of his classic album The River which is titled The Ties That Bind: The River Collection. The boss is known for his high energy three-hour shows, and they are memorable events for any music fan. After he performs The River in its entirety, the band will come back out and play some classic hits for another hour. Whether you are a longtime Springsteen fan, or a new recruit, this will be a great show to check out if it’s coming to a venue near you. Unfortunately, these arena concerts for classic artists have become kind of expensive. So how much do Bruce Springsteen tickets cost?  your options are limited to purchasing directly from Ticketmaster, or playing the secondary market ticket broker websites.


Ticketmaster is still the main outlet for concert tickets across the United States, and all of the venues for the bruce springsteen tickets river tour ticketmaster stubhubBruce Springsteen shows use the service. The average price for a ticket on the general admission floor or lower level seats is $150-$170 after fees for most shows across the country. There are also some nosebleed sections which fall in the range of $70-$110 after fees. Most of these shows sell out right away, so if your show is going on sale already, most likely you are sold out. It’s a good idea to periodically check back on the Ticketmaster website and recheck because tickets will sometimes become available, especially leading up to the day of the show. I also recommend signing up for the email list of your venue and following their Facebook page, because those are the first places they will announce that more tickets are available.


Bruce Springsteen Concert Photo Crowd ArenaThe reason of those tickets sold out so quickly is because most of them are being resold on ticket broker websites like Stubhub, with some crazy prices in the thousands of dollars for good lower-level seats. I have found that with the Bruce Springsteen shows, the general admission floor tickets will generally come back down to face value on the secondary market platforms. The ticket prices on these websites fluctuate much like the stock market, so check back often and keep an eye on the prices. Typically, the ticket prices will drop on the day of the show as people try to dump the tickets they thought they were going to sell for a profit. This is a great time for the consumer to take advantage of the supply and demand and actually get tickets for below face value. It’s very possible to get a lower-level seat or floor ticket for $100 or less. Also, if you’re feeling like an adventure, go out to the venue the evening of the show and approach the scalpers after the first song has started. Make them an offer of half the price of the face value, and walk away if they decline. Now you’re in control. You might need to put off that Disneyland vacation and Apple Watch, and sell a few rare coins from your coin collection. Bruuuuuuuuuuce!!!

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