How Much Does Wheel Alignment Cost for Your Car or Truck?

How Much Does Wheel Alignment Cost for Your Car or Truck?

Along with regular oil changes, it’s important to have your car wheel alignment adjusted at least once per year or every 10,000 miles. This is one of those tasks that is very hard to do yourself unless you happen to be a mechanic and have access to a full-service garage. Failure to have your wheels aligned can result in quicker tire degradation, as well as damage to steering, suspension, brake system, and drive line parts. Proper alignment also ensures that your tires will wear evenly, which makes the car safer to drive and saves money on gas mileage. Let’s look at the aspects that go into determining the cost of the service for your vehicle.

Alignment Type

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There are different kinds of alignment depending on the type of car or truck. A standard four wheel alignment involves all four wheels and will cost around $80-$120. A front/end wheel alignment includes either the front or back wheels and will cost about half the price coming in at $40-$60. Check with auto shops in your area about lifetime alignment, which means that they will offer alignment for the lifetime of the vehicle for one fee, which is typically $150-$200. This is usually the best deal as it will pay for itself after only a few alignments.

How much is an alignment at Walmart?

Front Two Tires $50
All Four Tires $75

How much is an alignment at Costco?

Unfortunately, Costco does not offer wheel alignments as of this time.

Promotional Discounts

You can save additional money by using coupons and checking with your mechanic for promotional offers when you’re having it serviced for an oil change. Be sure to check your local newspaper, as well as the auto service website and Facebook page. Also, check with the business where you purchased your tires, as they often offer discounted or even free alignment for the duration of those tires. As with everything, location will determine how expensive car wheel alignment will be. It will be more expensive in New York City than Omaha, but this is never something that makes sense to drive out of your way to find service.

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  1. I can see why it would be smart to look into getting a lifetime alignment system set up with the auto shop you go to. That does seem like it would help you save money and be able to keep your tires aligned properly. Do you know if most auto shops have a package like that?

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