New Career Path? 3 Types of Real Estate Construction Jobs You Could Try

Have you been working as a laborer on a crew for some time now? Are you thinking about getting some specialized training and striking out on your own? Many people don’t realize that those who start off in construction can move on to other lucrative specialties. Here are three careers whose functions benefit the construction of most new real estate projects.


Any container holding liquids or gas – including boilers, obviously – should be installed, repaired, and maintained by a professional boilermaker. Boilermakers are in high demand for many commercial real estate projects, as their expertise is of particular importance when building new manufacturing facilities, breweries, and much more.


Like a lot of jobs, boilermaking can be quite dangerous. Boilermakers inspect blueprints to help determine the optimal location for the assembly of the vat or boiler, and this isn’t necessarily the location that will be most convenient for them. They may work in a tight, confined space, or at a great height, making construction insurance at an absolute must. However, a boilermaker is one of the best-paid positions you can find on the job site.

Equipment Operator

From excavation to hauling materials, a heavy equipment operator makes every step of the construction process possible. If you’re exceptionally coordinated, loading, unloading, and digging might be the right path for you.

Don’t assume that operating equipment is less strenuous than other types of on-site labor. A lot of equipment can take real physical strength to operate, in addition to the aforementioned coordination. The decisions an equipment operator makes has a great impact on the schedule, safety, and efficiency of any real estate project. For this they are compensated better than a lot of other construction site roles.


How professional any piece of real estate looks often comes down to the masonry. Are the driveways and sidewalks smooth and even? Is that chimney built to last? Other outdoor features like retainer walls and fireplaces can drastically increase the value of a property – provided the mason has done their job right.

The work a mason does with concrete, brick, and more will outlast most other features of a building. As one of the oldest professions in history, masons must have vision, physical strength, and a streak of perfectionism. Any mason can choose a specialty within the category at large. For example, some masons may specialize in tile setting, which can be less physically demanding, and see the mason working indoors on kitchens and bathrooms. Stone masons will be proficient in working with raw, natural elements to create structures with a lot of character. Overall, it’s a great career for the laborer who would like to be an artist.

Many specialized positions in real estate construction require little in the way of institutional education, although trade school is always a plus. Get started on the path to better pay today by looking into apprenticeships in the construction field you want to pursue. With perseverance, you can soon begin taking jobs independently and become an invaluable part of many real estate projects.


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