Have you ever considered how your company is doing compared to your competitors? It’s not just about profits. Performance in all areas matter when it comes to doing well as a business. What about how well your employees are trained? Do you have high turnover? What do your customers say about your employees? Even if everything seems to be going well, there’s always something new that your employees could learn to bring them closer to the business and teach them to use new technical tools.

Office 365 is one of those business tools that can be vital in any industry. With programs like Outlook, Excel, Teams, and OneDrive, you could be saving a lot of money and time by training your employees to use these tools provided to them. Training online for office 360 is available and make it easier for employees to learn with confidence.

Here are some ways your employees could help you save money by learning more about Office 365 applications:

Learn to Use the 365 Cloud and OneDrive

If your business gets hit by a disaster, you may think that you’ll lose everything. However, that’s not case if your employees and networks have been backed up using 365’s cloud tools. You can have your IT staff train on Microsoft server backup in order to keep all of your files and applications safe, even in the event of total destruction.

Office 360 Training 365 Cloud

More Cyber Security

What would happen if your business was hacked? Do you have data security and control over your applications and files? Your IT team should be well-versed in using Office 365 to backup and maintain continuous security compliance so that you don’t have to worry about where your data is and who can access it.

Work Anywhere, Anytime

With all of the apps online now with Office 365, you can work anywhere. This means it’s easy to store your files and access them on the go or at the office. When you need to prepare for a big presentation, you can just pull it up from the cloud. If you want multiple departments to work on the same project, you can all have them talk and collaborate using OneDrive and Teams. You can save a lot of time and paper just by holding conference meetings with Microsoft Teams. You can even record your sessions so that you can view them later.

Get More Organized

It’s also about managing everything from one secure place. With Outlook, Calendar, and Teams, you can use 365 to manage your email, contacts, meetings, and important reminders all in the same place. These apps are mobile-friendly so you can add them to your mobile phone and sync up whenever you need to work together with your team.

Predictable Costs

You know what to expect with Microsoft 365. You can pay by monthly or yearly with the latest plans, allowing you to save money when you purchase with discounts as well. The billing process gives you a total cost that’s relative to the users you need. If you don’t train your employees on the software, then you’re basically wasting your license away.

Work Smarter and Faster

You can use Excel and Word Online to make it easier to share and collaborate on tough projects. If you are working with contractors and accountants, you can save everything to your network and easily pull it up when you’re ready to discuss.