If you thought that introducing Feng shui in your living room or bedroom was hard, then doing the same thing in the bathroom is even harder! Feng shui was initially intended for living spaces, such as the bedroom or the living room, that can be arranged in such an order to bring luck to the tenants. We don’t spend much time in the bathroom but the few minutes we do spend here should be time quality spent. Interior design can help only a little, while Feng shui actually the best answer to the décor of a bathroom that is intended for relaxation.

The bathroom overlay

Moving the washing machine valve or the toilet bowl is too costly but important in Feng shui. Namely, before these fixtures get installed, you should have a saying in their position. In fact, before the foundations are poured, you can even choose the floor plan and the overall position of the bathroom in the entire house. According to Feng shui, the bathroom should take central place in the house, so ask the architects if they can incorporate this in their design.

Create Bathroom Feng Shui Cheap

Alignment with the front door

When the bathroom is perfectly aligned with the front door that is not a good thing. Even the bathroom alignment with the bathroom door is considered as undesirable. That is you should install bathroom features at a right angle from the door. In other words, once you open the bathroom door you will see the wall and you will have to turn either left or right to access the shower or the wash basin. Perhaps this rule has something to do with draft.

Never above the bedroom

Another point of Fen shui states that the bathroom should never be located above the bedroom. Such a floor plan is common in many suburban residences but it is bad because it lowers good energy and attracts bad energy. The bedroom is a powerful form in Feng shui and if it’s located under the bathroom then there is a clash of two energy sources that annuls them. Also, the bathroom can be noisy at times because of the washing machine or the dryer, so it makes sense that you wouldn’t want all that tumbling overhead while you are trying to go to sleep.

Renovating the bathroom

Like we stated in the first paragraph, moving things around the bathroom is not that easy once the house is built up. However, this is true only for layman renovation projects, while professionals should be given free rein. The whole project is not that expensive when compared to prices in other Western countries. In the UK, an average bathroom decoration costs around 10.000 dollars, while in the States a decent restoration will knock 11.000 dollars from your pocket. On the other side, hiring good building designers in Sydney will cost you anywhere from 8.000 to 10.000 dollars, which is a fairly acceptable price to pay. Just don’t forget to look at the portfolio of the renovation company you are hiring.

Metal elements

Ceramics seems to be dominant material in the bathroom but according to Feng shui, metal is the material you need. Once you realize how easy it is to spruce up the bathroom with metal elements, you will wish to introduce metal features in other rooms as well. The bathtub is especially suitable for this change and even changing the handles on the cabinets with nice metallic looking knobs is a welcoming chance that will attract good vibes. In general, water and metal go well together.

The mirror effect

Besides metal, glass is another element that fits well into the whole Feng shui philosophy. Apart from the usually location for the mirror as part of the bathroom vanity unit, you could install a mirror on the bathroom door. It will stop all the good energy from leaving the room and on the other side deflect all negativity away from the bathroom. All your positive thoughts will remain inside the bathroom as you are relaxing in a bubbly bath. For a really bold design move, you could introduce a glass shower cabin or a smoked glass front bathroom door.

In the end, we can say that creating a good Feng shui in your bathroom is not that expensive. Australians get an especially good deal when renovating their bathrooms, so there is no reason not to decide to take this step. With the perfect balance of the lines and shapes in the bathroom, you too will get into shape and your stars will finally line up.

Guest blogger Sarah Jessica Smith is from Sydney.