Close to 23 million Americans are currently struggling with some form of addiction.

What’s really shocking, however, is that only about 2.5 million of those addicts will ever get the help that they need to recover.

While there are certainly many reasons why addicts don’t get help, such as shame, anxiety, or simply the desire to keep on living the fast life?

There’s no denying that the cost of rehab is also a huge factor.

If you’ve wondered about rehabilitation costs, you might be surprised by some of the things you learn in this post.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Let’s quickly take a look at the average cost of rehab.

In general, you’ll likely pay anywhere from $500-$700 per day for inpatient treatment and overall detox services.

If you’re entering into a partial hospitalization treatment program, your out of pocket costs could be anywhere from $350-$500 per day. If you’re interested in an outpatient program, you’ll need to put up about $250-$350 per day.

We know that numbers like this can be harrowing. However, you need to think about how these numbers look in comparison to the cost of your addiction. The chances are good that they’re still lower. Suprising Costs Addiction Rehab

Now, let’s take a look at your options for managing the costs of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers.

Find a Center That Accepts Your Insurance

The cost of rehab can be greatly offset by enrolling in a program that accepts your insurance.

Depending on your provider, you may be entitled to full or at least partial coverage.

For example, a center like Inspire Malibu accepts all PPO Out of Network insurance plans. This means they accept providers like United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross, and many others.

Look for a center that has an insurance form on their website. Enter in your insurance information and find out if it’s accepted within minutes.

Ask About Payment Plans

Perhaps you’re currently without insurance or can’t seem to find a program that’s a good fit for you and also accepts your insurance.

That’s no reason to give up on treatment.

Instead, you should look for facilities that offer income-based, low or no-interest payment plans.

The truth is that these facilities want to make treatment as financially accessible for as many patients as is possible. Explain your situation, your current savings and income levels, and the kind of care that you’re looking for.

Then, you and the treatment program can work together to set up a payment plan that works for everyone.

Don’t Let the Cost of Rehab Stop You from Getting the Help You Need

Whether or not you have insurance, we hope that this post on the cost of rehab has helped you to realize that getting help for your addiction is possible.

Want to learn more about the cost rehab and other forms of treatment, such as massage therapy?

Looking to understand how to keep your finances in good shape once you leave treatment?

Keep on checking back with us for all the latest information. The rest of your clean and sober life is waiting.