As parents, it’s proof of love when you provide your children with the best opportunities for learning. Fortunately, Taguig City supports you on that by helping you with the following:

Provide Them with an International Curriculum

The latest studies already showed how early childhood education can pay off dividends and that the positive outcomes don’t fade away. But you’re more likely to increase their success if you can guarantee an excellent education today while they’re still young.

For example, you can enroll them in British School Manila, a private elementary school in Taguig City that offers an international curriculum. Not only does it improve their chances of entering an international university later on, but it transforms them into a learned citizen of the world.

Take Role-playing to a Higher Level

None other than UNICEF stress the importance of learning through play. It can stimulate critical developments in cognitive, social, and creative skills. It can also give them an avenue to socialize with other children. Most of all, it provides balance to more focus on academic education, especially as they get older.

In Taguig City, you’ll find Kidzania, which takes pretend play to a whole new level. They don’t just have to imagine things. They can dress up and simulate adult jobs. Even better, they do all these with the guidance of professionals!

Encourage Them to Appreciate the Arts and History

Artworks are not only for eye candy. They can also be some of your children’s best teachers. Art can enhance their decision-making skills, teach them about determination and patience, and improve their sense of teamwork. In Taguig City, artworks are not only in the classrooms. Walk around Bonifacio Global City, and you’ll find impressive murals.

In the adjacent green spaces are unique and fun art installations. Once in a while, there are creative-oriented programs you can enroll your child in. That’s not all. They can learn about their history too. Manila American Cemetery and Memorial is a solemn remembrance of the soldiers who fought and died during World War II.

Inspire Them to Love Science


The future of the world is STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Even an interest in these can increase their chances of landing lucrative jobs such as in information technology, big data, and green engineering. Beyond that, STEM promotes ingenuity, creativity, and resilience. It can broaden their minds and inspire them to be innovators and visionaries.

There are many ways to learn STEM, but the Mind Museum takes the process outside textbooks and classrooms. In its many exhibits, classified according to various science-related subjects, children (and even parents!) can interact with the displays. In other words, they don’t only get to hear about theories and facts but also experience these for themselves.

With all that said, education is essential to every child, but its value becomes even more critical when you put quality into it. With these places in Taguig City, you can provide that in and outside the four-walled classrooms.