If you are familiar with finance, why don’t you become an auditor (or CPA, Certified Public Accountant)? This profession is difficult and requires to possess a bunch of professional skills but it is one of the most well-paid jobs in the field of accounting. If you work hard, there is a possibility to make a serious income. You can work either in the state organizations being engaged in audits conducted by the government or work for private companies as well as run your own private practice. One more reason to become an auditor is that this career features high demand in the labor market, so you would never be unemployed having education degree in this field.


What professional skills and knowledge should the auditor possess?

  • Knowledge in the field of economics and finance;
  • Impeccable knowledge of financial legislation;
  • Knowledge of the preparation of financial documents;
  • Ability to identify errors and violations (be able to distinguish intentional errors from unintentional ones);
  • Ability to quickly enter into the production process of the company being audited;well paid job financial auditor
  • Speaking a foreign language to work in the prestigious firms;
  • Owing a computer.

What are the auditor’s responsibilities?

  • Carrying out the auditor checks, drawing up of reports and conclusions on their results, consultations of clients;
  • Verification of the correctness of financial and tax documentation of the company (organization);
  • Evaluation of efficiency and internal control systems of financial and economic activities. Development of recommendations for improving business processes;
  • Estimating the anticipated financial transactions, their effectiveness and the degree of risk;
  • Providing company management with advice and practical assistance in financial management and business management.

Pros and cons of the auditor’s work.


  • High demand in the labor market;
  • High profit payment.


  • Irregular working hours;
  • Frequent and long trips;
  • Auditors do not have the right to make mistakes;
  • In a short time, the auditor must process a huge amount of information;
  • Without an operational experience on a post of the auditor it will be arranged almost unreal.

Like in any career, there are some nuances in being an auditor.

First, you should have a desire to work in this field as without it you will not earn a dollar.

Secondly, what you will definitely face is a stressful situation. This job requires to perform work in the shortest possible time and with no right for a mistake. The auditor should also have skills of critical thinking which is helpful in this work.

The auditor should be ready to solve any problem and be patient.

Well, the most pleasant thing in this profession is that you can communicate with people of different levels, you have the opportunity to make new and important acquaintances, constantly develop both professional and extra skills.

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In conclusion, I want to say that this profession is very prestigious, interesting and unique. At least, it gives many opportunities and bonuses such as constant mental development, as well as the opportunity to travel to different cities and countries. I believe that you should not be afraid of the difficulties of this profession because if you put enough effort, you will easily master all the basics of this profession.