How Much Does it Cost to have a Drain Tile System Installed in your Home?

Have you recently shifted to a new house and still not done with the drain tile system?

Do you want to know how much does it cost to have a drain tile system installed in your home? If that is the case then there are a few more things that you should know to get the approx figures.

At the time you are looking to know the cost of the drain tile system for your house, one thing you need to bear in mind that only the size of the basement does not only matter. There are many other factors that you need to consider for this purpose and below mentioned are a few of those important ones:

Are you willing to install a battery backup sump pump with the primary pump or just the back up pump?

This is important for you to decide as the cost of the installation depends on the type you choose. In case you are not sure whether which one to choose the best option with you is to ask the service provider about which type you need.

cost drain tile installDo you want to install dehumidifier with your drain tile system?

Your decision to install the dehumidifier can increase the cost of the drain tile system with a few dollars. Thus it is wise for you to know whether you need a dehumidifier along with the system or not.

Do you want full perimeter to be safeguarded or the only wall that is leaking?

In case your one wall is leaking and others might start leaking anytime then it is wise for you to get the full perimeter protected. This too will increase the total cost of the drain tile system by many dollars.

What will be the length of the discharge line?

In case the discharge line is big enough then the cost will increase and if it is small then you will save a few dollars.

So, this job would cost you between $2,000 to $12,000. The above mentioned aspects matter a lot to know what the drain tile system will cost on the whole. A few companies send their crew to get the job done. It usually takes one day to complete it but for large jobs two days is needed. Know all the terms and conditions and all inclusions before you make the deal with the drain tile system service provider.

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