How Much Does it Cost to have a New Garage Door Installed?

How Much Does it Cost to have a New Garage Door Installed?

Are chipmunks taking residence in your garage because of a gaping hole in your garage door? Are mushrooms growing on your old wooden door? Whether you are outfitting an all together new garage door, or just looking to replace an old door, the primary concern is always going to be the cost. You probably don’t have a prior experience of replacing the door, and now it’s time to see how this will affect your wallet. Let’s examine the many aspects that determine the cost of a new garage door.

You can spend very little like a few hundred dollars on the replacement of the door to thousands of dollars to have a completely new installation done. Do it yourself if you are a super handy person! If not, then it’s time to hire a professional. Apart from the material and some carpentry with electrical work, there are many aspects which will determine the actual cost to be paid for getting the new door installed.

Type of Door:

This is going to be the first aspect that will be considered to determine the cost to have a new cost garage door installgarage door installed. Single tilt-up models are then ones which are most affordable. Single roll-up and the custom roll-up models are the ones that are in middle of the range. You can also choose solid wood custom models but then they are the most expensive ones. The type of door selected would determine the cost which can be between $400-$2000.

Door Openers:

Most of the modern day garage doors come along with the electrical opener and some will be more complicated than others. You can buy extra remotes for the openers and can get the set up done. It will all not be very expensive but will just add up a little to the overall installation cost of the garage door. You can get door openers installed in the range of $150-$350. You most likely already have a working opener and will not need a new one, just a new door.


garage door installer costThis is a very basic aspect which you cannot avoid to think of while calculating the actual budget of installing a door. The material of which the door or shutter is made up of will make a greater impact on the garage door installation cost. The material choices include steel, aluminum, wood, wood composite, and fiberglass.

Steel is the most popular material for garage doors because they are not too expensive, long-lasting, low maintenance and available in a variety of styles. One thing to consider about steel doors is that they are not insulated. You might want to consider paying more for insulated doors to save energy and reduce noise. Aluminum is pretty close to steel, but it’s much lighter and less expensive and dents very easily. Choosing aluminum will keep your costs lower, but the door will not be as durable. Wooden garage doors can often be found on an old house because it’s what was used in the good old days. The problem with wood is that eventually rots and will need maintenance. Wood Composite is a smart choice because they offer the strength of steel with the looks and texture of wood, and they resist rot. Fiberglass is not used very often, but it’s a good choice if you live by the ocean because it is resistant to saltwater corrosion.

Thus considering all the many aspects will surely give you a clue of, how much does it cost to have a new garage door installed. On an average, you can look at anything between $600-$2000 depending on your preferences. Most people can get this done properly with a basic steel door for about $1000.

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19 thoughts on “How Much Does it Cost to have a New Garage Door Installed?

  1. The installation cost varies door to door. There are different model of garage doors in the market. The average cost for installation will be around 1000 USD excluding labour charge. So, thoroughly compare the prices in the market before consulting a contractor.

  2. garage door is the face of your house. if you invest in garage door, value of your house increases. so, invest wisely and get good benefit from it.

  3. A garage door will cost anywhere from $200 for single doors to $4,000 for two or more doors, with better materials accounting for the higher cost. Most homeowners report spending about $1,062 for the door and installation.

  4. You really broke down the cost of garage door replacement. I agree with you that you should only consider replacing your garage door if you’re a VERY handy person. If not, call up friends and family that have done this in the past or do it as their profession to help you. If you want to work with a professional, be sure to get a free estimate. You shouldn’t have to pay for that. Be upfront that you are looking for the best price. Ask them if they have coupons for first time customers. Keep your focus on the solution.

  5. I am usually not a fan of people who have no expertise in setting up garage door opener and want to do it themselves. It usually leads to something being broken within very short period of time and trying to find someone to blame. I encourage people to use help of the professionals, unless you are really handy and know exactly what you are doing.
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  6. The cost can vary dramatically depending on material, size, and type of door. A manual door is obviously a lot cheaper but does not provide the same level of security as an automatic door system

  7. It has been 10 years since we installed our garage door and now it is unable to open and close through the remote. I never knew that the price range of the doors now costs around $400-$2000 plus the installation fee. Moreover, it is advisable to hire a professional garage door service for a successful door installation project.

  8. Since we sold our family car ten years ago, our garage door had been stuck midway and refused to be moved or adjusted even with force. No one in the family thought of using the garage until I purchased a car last month, so the burden of having a new residential garage door installed falls on my shoulder. Your article had been really informative about the factors that affect the overall price of the installation, and I love that you even included actual numbers that could give readers an idea of how much should they prepare before they inquire from actual professionals. I might opt for something between $600-$2000, and see what part can I customize more to my liking.

  9. I have been planning to replace my garage door with side to side garage door. I think it’ll be best to choose the steel as a material because you’ve mentioned, it’s long-lasting, less expensive and low maintenance. Now that I’ve figured out that the type of garage door that I want, it’s time for me to start looking for a garage door installation service.
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  10. It depends on what kind of door and style you’ll like to have. But you can try to search for a much cheaper cost at the internet before you decide which one to take for your garage door.

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