How Much Does it Cost to have a Photo Printed on Stretched Canvas?

Have you ever taken out some time to analyze how much does it cost to have a photo printed on stretched canvas? There are chances that you might have however for those that haven’t for them it can surely be an eye opening and insightful procedure to know.

When you are trying to get an image printed on stretched canvas, you are looking to preserve it and use it as an artifact to beautify your home or office. It is hence important that you use good quality resources and get the job done within a specified budget range. The cost will definitely vary depending on the kind of canvas used as well as the printing technology that is used in the process.

In actual numbers

When you analyze actual numbers you will find that the cost per unit changes as you move from cheapest canvas 800M to the mid priced Chromata white and then finally Lyve canvas. Usually the 800 M cost per square or linear foot will range somewhere around $4 to $4.25 which will include stretcher bar, canvas, ink, coating. Chromata white cost per square or linear foot will range around $4.38. Lyve per square or linear foot will cost around $4.47.

cost canvas print giclee photoLowering the cost

In case cost is the major concern for you then the analysis show that there are lot of ways through which you can lesser down the cost which might not require you to compromise on the quality of print or longevity. Stretcher bars are the ones that make up around 60% of the overall cost of per print. This is somewhere you can reduce the cost. In case you are considering using pine wood for this then considering fir wood can be a good choice. With this you will be able to save around 50% of the cost. With this you can significantly reduce the stretching cot.

Once you know these things you need to ask yourself does it make sense for you to compromise on the quality of the print and let go archival certification for saving a few bucks.

Most of the pricing is highly dependent on the size of the photo. The larger the print, the higher it will cost you. So, you can get a 6X6″ photo printed for something like $35 on canvas and for the same type of material it would cost you around $250 to get a 30X30″ photo printed.

With these parameters in mind you will be able to determine the cost of stretched canvas printing before you opt for it!

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