How Much Does a Passport Cost for a United States Citizen?

So you’ve decided to leave the country? Whether you’re driving up to Canada, or traveling to Australia to photograph kangaroos, you will need a valid passport to get out of these United States of America. How much does a passport cost?

Adult Applicants

A first-time adult passport book has a $110 application fee plus a $25 acceptance fee, bringing the total to $135. If you are only traveling to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, or the Caribbean by land or sea, then you only need a passport card which costs $30 for the application fee plus $25 or the acceptance fee bringing the total to $55. Please note that if you are flying to any of the above-mentioned countries, you will need a passport book. The cost of a passport book and card together is $165.

Adult Renewals

An adult passport is valid for 10 years. The fee for renewing an adult passport book is $110, and it will cost $30 to renew an adult passport card. The only difference in the renewal is that there is not an acceptance fee, only the cost of application.

Minorshow much cost passport us

If you are under the age of 16, the cost of a minor passport book is $80 application fee plus $25 acceptance fee, bringing the total to $105. A minor passport card has an application fee of $15 plus plus a $25 acceptance fee, bringing the total to $40.

Other Fees

Other fees include and expedite fee which provides faster processing for $60 plus an overnight delivery fee of $15. It’s important to plan ahead and avoid this unnecessary cost. If you need additional pages added to your passport book, that will cost you $82. A file search fee is $150. A file search is necessary when an applicant is unable to present evidence of U.S. citizenship or verification of a previously issued U.S. Passport or Consular Report of Birth Abroad.

Where Can I Get a Passport?sexy passport photo pictures

The best place to get a passport is usually your local post office, library, or municipal office.聽Plan ahead to avoid a trip for no reason due to USPS holidays.

Click on this link and enter your ZIP Code to find authorized acceptance facilities in your area. There are also passport agencies, but you must pay the expedited fee in these locations.

I wish you safe travels on your journey. Go see the world and send me a postcard, or maybe a comment below. 馃檪

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