How Much Does Bosley Hair Restoration Cost? [2022 Prices]

Okay, this one is for the fellas. Have you recently looked into attempting a trendy modern haircut like the men’s modern quiff or fade hairstyle, but then realized that you don’t have enough hair for such a feat? The shaved head is a nice contemporary look if your noggin as a nice shape to it, but sometimes, it looks like the aliens’ heads from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Maybe it’s time to look into the modern medical miracle of hair restoration. Bosley is one of the oldest and most trusted clinics to provide the service. How much does Bosley hair restoration cost?

Free Bosley Consultation

It won’t cost you anything to go and get a consultation at a Bosley clinic near you. They will determine the cause of your hair loss, which is most likely male pattern baldness, but can also be caused by certain autoimmune disorders. This will give you an idea if restoration surgery would be a good solution for your situation.

How Much Hair is Needed?

As George Costanza said, “These are not scraps. These are the historic remains of a once great society of hair.”  The basic idea behind hair restoration is transplanting hair from the part of your head, where it still growing, into the area where it has fallen out. This creates a new living hair follicle that should continue to grow normally. Typically, you will need on average between 700 and 2500 grafts per session which will cost approximately $4000-$12,000 per procedure. One procedure might be enough, but some people will need two or three procedures if they have lost a lot of hair, which can cost up to $30,000. Also, sometimes the scalp doesn’t properly take the graft, and needs to be redone. The Bosley Doctor should be able to determine how successful the grafts should be at your free consultation. We calculate the cost for an average full hair restoration procedure to be around $10,000.

How Can I Save Some Cash?

As with everything, there may be some ways to save a little money. First off, check the Bosley clinic website and sign up to their email list as they will keep you updated about upcoming promotions. You’ve waited this long, why not hold out for a possible great promotional discount? You can also call or visit your local clinic and talk to the friendly receptionist about any promotions currently available. The Bosley clinic will also give you information regarding low or zero interest financing options, which would allow you to pay it off over time. Maybe you can trade in your new Lexus for a 2006 Toyota Camry, seeing as you will have a nice new head of flowing locks. Also, talk to the Bosley Doctor about how many grafts are really necessary for your situation. It’s possible to get by fewer, but you don’t want it to look noticeable.

how much does bosley hair restoration cost


Bosley hair restoration will cost you anywhere from $4000-$30,000 depending on how many procedures and grafts are needed, as well as the success of the initial procedure. A consultation is free, so it’s a no-brainer to make an appointment online or via telephone to see where you fall, and what discounts and financing is available.聽 Most patients feel it’s well worth the investment based on the effectiveness and boosted self-confidence. Bosley looks natural, uses your own real hair, and it’s guaranteed for life. It’s a new solution to a very old problem, so take advantage of these groovy medical advancements if it’s in your budget, and start browsing trendy men’s hairstyles. Maybe it’s time to whiten your teeth, or buy an Apple Watch and some Air Jordans. Why not paint your car cherry red while you’re at it? Summer of George!! 馃檪

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