Social media has become the name of the game in marketing. You may have read my article about how much it costs to boost a post on Facebook, but what about Twitter? Promoted tweets can be very helpful in reaching a new audience and increasing your revenue, and it will often pay itself back which is the point of advertising in the first place. Twitter is saturated with everyone from Barack Obama to your weird next-door neighbor spouting off their thoughts, photos, jokes, and spam. Promoted tweets will show up at the top of users feed, so they actually might see it rather than scrolling by and never looking back. So how much does it cost to promote a tweet on Twitter?

The way this works is you place a bid based on what you’re willing to pay per follow or PPF. It’s important to make sure that the PPF price is within your daily budget. Once your budget is filled, nor promoted tweets will how much promoted tweet costdisappear from the news feed so that your costs do not rise above your budget. This is very similar to how Facebook runs its advertisements. Typically, you can bid anywhere from $.25 to $5 per follow, and again this will be within you set daily budget.

You’re promoted tweets, which are essentially an advertisement, will appear in different rankings in the news feed based on how much you are willing to pay. If you are only bidding $.25 per follow, then you probably won’t be at the top of the news feed. The nice thing about a PPF service this that you only pay for an action, so if nobody follows you, you don’t owe anything while people may have still seen your post for free.

Are Promoted Tweets Effective?

As with all marketing, you never know for certain what the outcome will be. It is important to have an eye-catching or interesting phrase or slogan to get people to engage in whatever you’re selling. Most businesses have an average increase of 15 to 25% in profits from promoted tweets if you do it right. At the very least, you should recoup the cost of the promoted tweets while expanding your customer base. Keep in mind that some attempts might be more successful than others, so don’t give up after one try. For small businesses, I recommend trying a campaign at $.25 per follow and a $3 daily limit to try it out cheaply and see what happens. If you are large business, I would recommend trying a $1 per follow and $10 daily budget to appear higher in the feed. Tweetly Deetly Deet….Tweetly Deetly Deet!