Screen Capture Video from your Computer in HD

Screen Capture Video from your Computer in HD

We live in a technological age where almost everything revolves around the computers, gadgets and smartphones; playing games, studying, learning a new skill or even knowing the cost of painting a house. In this scenario, you might find it handy to record your screen operations and save it for future use. Screen capturing is a great way to record yourself playing a game, creating a creative video for your classroom project or making an exciting presentation for work. Most screen capturing software programs are difficult to use and do not have integrated HD recording. In comes the Movavi Screen Capture Studio, which is one of a kind application purposely built to eliminate your screen capturing woes. The software allows capturing video in HD, save and edit it for later viewing. You can read more about it here:


The application is simple to use for almost any skill level. You can predetermine the framerate, the quality of Screen Capture Video Hd Softwareaudio, and even decide if you want your GPU to fire to get a smooth flowing footage. It is like you are the director of a movie, as everything is under your control; you decide what to record and what to leave out.

Furthermore, once you have finished recording your screen, you have complete liberty to save your recording in your preferable format. The application hosts all major video formats for your comfort; from MP4 to MOV and AVI.

Movavi Screen Capture SoftwareThe Screen Capture is not limited to videos; you can also capture audio from your screen. How you can do that? Well, it is simple! Select the website with your desired audio. Once you select the source, the System Audio option will light up in green, and you will have your desired audio file. You can also disable your microphone to avoid any noise or disturbance leaking into your captured audio file. Finally, you can save your recording in your desired audio format like MP3 or WAV.

The Movavi Screen Capture Studio also allows you to edit your footage. You might feel the need to cut out some segments of your video that you don’t find favorable. Advanced video editing options are provided specifically in the Screen Capture Studio, so you get an all in one application, removing any requirement for a separate video editing software.

Some other useful features:

  • Record your important Skype interview, which you can later view to check the errors you made
  • Audio recording both ways, from the system and from your microphone

Tips for Users

A great way to use this application is to record yourself playing games. Why? Most of the high rated YouTubers are game reviewers. You can record yourself playing a popular game while reviewing the gameplay, graphics and other aspects to give your viewers a complete understanding of the game. Since you can record the video in HD, your viewers will get raw scenes as if they are playing the game themselves.

The complete studio allows you to improve videos with premium editing tools. You don’t need a separate video editing software with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio. Simply import a video and edit it, if you are not interested in screen capturing.


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