London calling! You’ve already updated your passport and researched the cheapest flights within Europe. Let’s review five under the radar destinations within the “Old Smoke.” London, the capital city of the United Kingdom and England, is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Its popularity among Indian tourists visiting foreign destinations can be seen in the massive amount Delhi to London flight ticket booking that takes place every year.

Although, places like Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, The British Museum, etc. are the top-rated places for tourists in London. However, there are plenty of hidden gems in London that have not got their deserved attractions from the tourists.

Here is a list of such 5 lesser known places in London that deserves to be on itinerary of every tourist visiting London.

Chislehurst Caveslondon tourism

Caves are the last thing that would come to your mind while thinking about a well-developed city like London. However, it is a fact that London houses a chain of intersecting caves stretched to about 22 miles. These caves situated in the southeast London were once used for flint and chalk mining around 13th-19th centuries. Further, these caves have been used as ammunition depot during World War 1 and air raid centre during World War 2. These have also been used for mushroom cultivation, music venue and even been an underground city for 15,000 inhabitants for a short period. Now these human-made tunnel caves are gaining popularity among the tourists for its uniqueness.

Hampstead Heath

Although this ancient garden is very famous among the locals of London, it has not yet made any significant place in the itinerary of the outside visitors. Any Indian tourist visiting London, a city situated approximately 7,481Kms away, cannot afford not to visit this park. It is a beautiful countryside island rich in wildlife as well as extensive recreational and sports opportunities. This is not just another park in the heart of the city, the natural hills, biodiversity, ponds and more gives the place an atmosphere like a forest rather than a park. Visiting the heath is like meeting the nature in its own home.

Daunt Books

Daunt books store at Marylebone High Street London cannot be defined by anything lesser than the paradise for bookworms. This long galleried bookstore instantly gives the visitors the magical feeling of the Harry Potter’s wizardry world. The store is very well sectioned, making it very easy for the visitors to browse through the shelves. The store gives a great importance to travel readers, so the sections are divided continent wise that is further sub-divided into countries. Various other branches of the bookstore have been opened in different parts of the city, but the original Marylebone branch is still the primary attraction for book lovers.

Thames Path

This is the national trail alongside the most magnificent river of England, Thames. The trail is about 184 miles long and crosses through water meadows, historic towns and cities of London and the rural villages. Walking or cycling the trails gives the unique pleasure of calmness in a city that is bustling with people who are busy running the race of life. However, it is suggested to avoid visiting the path during high tides as some areas get flooded during those times.

Camden Passage

This pedestrian passage warmly invites the lovers of antiques and history. It is perhaps one of its kinds in the whole world. At first glance, this passage may seem like any other alleys of London, but when you observe closely, it is entirely different. It is lined up with shops mostly dealing in discoveries and antiques. A weekend antique market is also held at the place that attracts a large number of locals.

Delhi to London flight ticket booking for yourself is not a thing you do very frequently unless you are part of Bollywood crew going to shoot at outdoor locations. So, you should have a pre-defined itinerary list before boarding the flight to London. Adding these lesser known places along with the famous tourist destinations will surely be a good idea.