5 Simple and Low-Cost Ideas for DIY Wall Decoration

Few things are sadder in a house than bare walls. They suck the warmth right out of a home.

But a blank wall can be more daunting than a blank canvas when it comes to deciding what to do with it. Not everyone can afford a high end piece of abstract modern art.

That’s why we’ve collected these five ideas for wall decoration that go beyond hanging pictures and applying wallpaper. They’re also inexpensive and easy to do yourself.

Read on for inspiration for your next home project.


Five Unique DIY Ideas for Wall Decoration

Some people are art freaks. Others are organization mavens. We’ve tried to accommodate as many tastes as we can with our suggestions.

Check them out.Diy Low Cost Home Decorating Ideas

  1. Make a Mood Board

Turn this project into brainstorming for the next project by making a mood board. Mood boards are great pieces to help you plan projects that range from films to design work or even your next house project.

Adobe has great resources for mood board design if you need an extra push.

  1. Hang Potted Plants

Plants not only make a room more inviting, but they can also improve your health.

Rather than let your plants take up space in your room, why not open up your space even more by lining your plants along your walls. There are plenty of planters and pots that hang perfectly from hooks to create your own little indoor oasis.

  1. Immortalize Your Record Collection

You’ll have to be smart to keep this inexpensive, as the price of vinyl can really add up. But a quick trip to the thrift shop or dollar bin at your local record store can reveal all sorts of exciting finds that fit your taste.

Whether you’re showing your American roots with a copy of The Band or boasting of your obscure funk knowledge with an Mtume record, framing albums and hanging them is a fun way to show your taste in art that’s more than just visual. Though some record covers are works of art in themselves.

  1. Create a Calendar

You can make your wall into a control freak’s dream by turning it into one giant calendar. All you need is a large Lucite calendar. It juts out from your wall, so when you mark it up, your walls will remain pristine.

  1. Map It Out

You can acquire maps with ease from local thrift shops and even used booksellers. These vintage pieces can add an antiquated vibe to your room.

If you’re using current maps, you can double their purpose by marking destinations you’ve visited and places you want to go next on a family vacation.

As Many Decorations As People

There is a nearly infinite number of ideas for wall decoration. These are just a few to spark your imagination and get you started on your own DIY decorating journey. Whether you’re a green thumb, a record collector, or a slave to your calendar, we hope you’ve found something here you can use.

Once you’ve got your walls figured out, dive into our other suggestions for home improvement.


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