How Much Does Coolsculpting Cost?

When you hear the word coolsculpting, do you imagine some funky artist making a crazy sculpture like Michelangelo’s David with shades? That might be the picture in your head, but it’s actually a fairly new FDA approved procedure for removing fat from those pesky hard to control areas.

What is coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting uses a handheld device to freeze fat below the skin in specific areas. The fat cells freeze and die, and then the body eliminates them through a natural process. Patients will see results after about three weeks, and the body continues to eliminate the dead fat cells for up to six months. This procedure is not suitable for people who are more than 20 pounds overweight, and is geared towards people who can’t get rid of fat in stubborn areas such as the abdomen, inner and outer thigh, chin, and pesky love handles. The treatment is relatively painless and nonsurgical, but it may feel slightly odd and cold on your skin.

How much does coolsculpting cost?

The cost of coolsculpting varies among different areas of the body, and the number of applications will determine the cost. The average cost on various body regions averages $2500 total.

The size of the area being treated will affect the cost. For example, a small application region will cost about $700, a medium how much does coolsculpting cost priceapplication region will cost about $900, and a large application region will cost roughly $1300. So taking care of your double chin will only cost around $700, but going after the lower abdomen will be closer to $1300, and so on. Keep in mind that usually multiple treatments are needed for best results, so that will multiply these figures depending on how many treatments are received. Also, coolsculpting is considered cosmetic and your insurance will not cover any of it. Sad!

It’s always good to give diet and exercise your best shot, but sometimes you can never reach these tricky areas, and you might need to result to fancy technology for success. The best candidates for coolsculpting are people who are generally healthy but have bulges around the stomach, flanks, and thighs. Consult your primary physician before attempting coolsculpting to make sure you are a good candidate.


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  1. Thanks for letting me know that a small area costs around $700 on average when it comes to coolsculpting. I want to have double chin removed before the day of the wedding and this might be my only option. Maybe it would be better to check clinics that offer this option to see if it is possible to treat that certain body area.

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